I paid over £500 for a wedding dress… it was the biggest fail ever when it arrived, I may have to go without a gown

A BRIDE-TO-BE was horrified after her wedding dress arrived looking nothing like what she had paid for.

Ahead of her big day, the rising social media star Jojo Hadid (@iamjojohadid) had a scroll on Etsy where she stumbled upon a stunning wedding dress.

The stunning dress the bride-to-be thought she would be stunning her fans withCredit: tiktok/@iamjojohadid
But little did she know it would look nothing like what she had ordered from EtsyCredit: tiktok/@iamjojohadid
The garment was so off, she even considered showing up without a gownCredit: tiktok/@iamjojohadid

In love with the short, puff-sleeve number, the bride-to-be forked out more than £500 to bag the dress for her intimate courthouse wedding.

But little did Jojo – believed to be from the US – know she would be in for a surprise when opening the parcel.

Rather than a cute mini dress with a busty cutout detailing, Jojo’s custom-made wedding item was way longer, had ill-fitting sleeves and the neckline was totally off.

Mortified at the disaster, the young woman said she even considered to go to the wedding without a gown.

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”Oh. My. God. I am dressless for my courthouse wedding.”

In fact, the size 16 fashionista was so horrified at how bad the dress was, she insisted she needed ”intensive psychotherapy”.

Looks like Jojo might need to arrange a group therapy session, as social media users were just as shocked.

Hundreds of those who watched the now-viral clip on TikTok flocked to comments, with one exclaiming: ”IM SO MAD FOR YOU [sic].”

Another reckoned: ”whoever the seller is owes you a refund + some for the emotional damage.”

”OMG I was seriously thinking of buying my wedding dress from Etsy but decided not to. Damn I’m so glad I did [not],” a fellow bride-to-be wrote.

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”Excuse me?! I’d name and shame the Etsy seller,” a fourth insisted.

Jojo is not the only woman whose big day turned out to be extra stressful.

To make sure she would make heads turns, one bride decided to get her make-up done by a professional – but despite forking out a fortune, it didn’t quite meet her expectations.

The beauty enthusiast Haley Films, from the sunny coasts of Hawaii, claimed she had paid a whopping $300 (£246) for glam make-up.

”I am a perfectionist and didn’t wanna stress about doing it on my wedding,” she said.

According to the young woman, who shared the fail on TikTok, there were several things that were wrong, for instance the skin prep – or the lack of it.

”They didn’t even do any skin prep or use the right foundation shade on me,” she explained to her followers in the video.

Disappointed with what she had left the studio with, Haley described the look as ”ugly” and it appeared that viewers were on the same page.

Although they did not think it was too bad, many reckoned she had been overcharged for the relatively simple make-up.

Some even said that it looked like something she could’ve easily done herself, with one writing: ”that would be quite nice if you did that yourself on Sunday evening.”

Another agreed, writing: ”It’s not awful but for $300 that should be illegal.”

Whilst a TikTok user said they would pay just $50 (£41) for this make-up, someone else believed Haley had every right to sue the guru behind this masterpiece.

After complaining to the owner of the salon, Haley managed to get the guru to fix the disaster – and fortunately, things worked out in the end.

”I was so happy. Came out way better.”