I scored a free honeymoon — and improved my credit score

A Cincinnati wedding photographer says she snapped up a free honeymoon by being strategic about her own wedding expenses.

Bride-to-be Olivia Kalton and her fiancé are planning their nuptials — and she claims opening a Chase Sapphire credit card paid off.

“My fiancé and I opened a credit card to put all of our wedding expenses on,” she wrote on the nine-second clip that has racked up 2.8 million views on TikTok since it was posted last week.

“Immediately paying it all off with the cash we had saved and using the points for a free vacation.”

She noted in the caption: “We’re actually eloping, but still spending a lot of money on things so everything helps!”

Kalton said she opened a credit card to pay for her upcoming wedding.Tiktok / oliviakalton

TikTokers were divided on her payment plan.

“Girl SAME! We put big purchases on ours, paid it off, and went on our honeymoon basically for free because Delta skymiles. 10/10 recommend this hack,” one user gushed.

“We did this too and got so many flight miles from it!” exclaimed another.

A third applauded the idea, adding it’s a great way to build a credit score. Paying down debt and making payments on time can help raise those scores.

She says the points from her credit card -- a Chase Sapphire -- were enough to pay for her honeymoon.Kalton praised the Chase Sapphire credit card for giving her enough points for a free honeymoon.Tiktok / oliviakalton

Others said the trick doesn’t work.

“Almost none of my vendors took credit cards, and the ones that did only took for deposits!” one user emphasized.

“Same!! I was so wanting to do this, and they all want cash!” another added.

In response, Kalton advised reaching out to vendors beforehand to make sure they accept the credit card, as well as researching the cards and the points that would work best.