‘I spent 30 hours making my friend’s wedding dress – then she chose another instead’

A woman admitted her devastation after spending 30 hours working on her friend’s wedding dress – only for her to savagely ditch it and choose another one instead

A woman was fuming that her pal didn’t choose the wedding dress designed for her (stock photo)(Getty Images)

A woman has admitted her devastation after making her friend’s wedding dress – only for her to savagely ditch it for another one instead. The anonymous woman took to popular forum Reddit to admit her upset and explain the tragic ordeal.

The self-proclaimed advanced seamstress – who ‘really enjoys making old-fashioned ball gowns and has recently strayed into the world of prom dresses’ – explained she fixed her pal’s original dress, which appeared to be ‘a mess’.

The woman explained: “A friend of my older sister started having me alter some of her clothes. It was super basic things like turning a few dresses into skirts, cropping some shirts, and things like that. (She never paid me for any of this, but I never expected her to.)”

The bride-to-be asked her friend to make her wedding and bridesmaid dresses (stock photo)(Getty Images)

She went on: “This went on off and on for about two years, then she started dating and about four months later she was engaged. Right after she contacted me about making her wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses. This was a very big honour for me because, though I have been sewing for years I’m only 17, and it’s my dream to make custom wedding dresses.

“We planned a day to get together to figure out all the details. When she came she brought a wedding dress with her. IT WAS A MESS. It was much too big and looked like a bathrobe. She also showed me the bridesmaid’s dresses she had found and was planning to use. (This was all news to me).

“I was okay with the bridesmaid’s dress update because four dresses in about four months is a lot to make. Something had to change with the wedding dress, she wanted me to alter it, but I told her I wasn’t sure I could. So the plan was that I would make her dress, she showed me a dress on Pinterest that she loved and said she wanted her dress exactly like it.”

While the woman claims to have been putting in a lot of effort with her pal’s wedding dress, she admitted that the bride-to-be was ‘too busy’ to check up on the work in-progress.

The bride claimed she was ‘too busy’ to check on the dress (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)