I spent $5k on my bridezilla friend’s wedding – I finally put my foot down with her outrageous post-nuptial demand

WEDDING days have been difficult to plan, but one friend of the bride has revealed her downright disastrous experience.

She said she spent $5k on attending a wedding and the bride still wanted more from her in the form of driving two hours.


A bridezilla’s story was shared to Reddit by a friend of the brideCredit: Getty – Contributor

Reddit user UnlikelyHeart143 posted the drama to the social media platform.

She said after spending an arm and a leg on being apart of a destination wedding, the bride also reached out on her birthday to drive two hours to review photos.

First, the Redditor did preface that the bride had a track record of centering things around herself.

“The bride has always had a tendency to make things very much about her,” she wrote. “So I knew going into her wedding that I would just need to grin and bear it.”

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She also explained the lengthy list of things to purchase for the wedding.

Expenses included: “dress, professional hair and makeup, shoes, lodging, travel and ‘required’ outfits.”

Things took a turn when on her birthday, the bridezilla made yet another irrational request.

“She let us know that she finally received all her wedding pictures and wanted to have a viewing party to go through the photos of, and I quote, ‘the best day ever!'” she said.

The Redditor let the bridezilla know that it wasn’t a good day to relive “the best day ever.”

“I responded back kindly letting her know that I’m sure they turned out beautiful but since it fell on my birthday I wouldn’t be able to make it,” she said of the photos.

The bride did not respond to the Redditors text message.

Other users of the social media platform shared their two cents on the matter.

“This sounds like back in the day when people would invite you over to watch slides of their vacation to Hawaii lol,” one wrote. “I’m with you.”

“I can’t believe you spent that much money to be in a wedding,” another wrote. “Especially the wedding of someone you aren’t really close to.”

“She is well out of touch,” a third added. “She’s had her day, plus all the pre-wedding festivities, but to expect another day reminiscing about the ‘best day ever’ (gag) is just…entitled.”