I turned a basic £19 Bershka dress into a wedding gown – people can’t believe how good it looks

WEDDING dresses are notoriously expensive, and if you choose to also have a second dress for your wedding reception then your budget may quickly become strained.

One TikToker has solved this problem by repurposing an old Bershka dress, that cost just £19, into a wedding afterparty dress, and while this was rather time consuming for the bride-to-be, she’s certainly saved herself a small fortune.


The original dress was a plain white mini, which Monika turned into a gorgeous white feather dressCredit: Monika Gunaydin – Tiktok
Monika wore the dress to her wedding afterparty


Monika wore the dress to her wedding afterpartyCredit: Monika Gunaydin – Tiktok

TikToker Monika posted a video clip of the dressmaking process to her account, @monikagunaydin, where it has since racked up over 221K views.

Starting with a simple plain white dress, Monika hand sews hundreds of feather pieces, ending up with a stylish feather mini dress.

The video’s caption, “20 hours of hand sewing, 414 separate feather trim pieces later.. she is ready,” shows just how much work the bride-to-be has put into the dress.

Commenters on the clip were in awe of the dress, with one writing: “You have magic fairy hands. It looks like an expensive designer dress.”

“Turning Bershka into YSL” wrote another fan of the dress.

A third added: “That is SO cool and such a beautiful design! I admire anyone who can sew, especially like this! I love it.” 

In reply to this Monika added that this project actually needs more patience than sewing skill, seeing as you’ll be working for at least 20 hours, if not more.

“It looks so good but so ticklish I could never” wrote another viewer, pointing out one potential problem with this gown.

However, Monika replied to this, clarifying that when wearing it she didn’t feel any discomfort, nor was it ticklish.

Monkia isn’t the only bride ditching spending thousands on their wedding day and instead deciding to make items themselves.

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One bride-to-be shared how she was making her own wedding cake the day before walking down the aisle.

Another bride shared how she altered her mother’s wedding gown from 1989 into the perfect dress for her wedding rehearsal.

Monika shared how the dress looked partway through the process


Monika shared how the dress looked partway through the processCredit: Monika Gunaydin – Tiktok
The Bershka dress cost just £19


The Bershka dress cost just £19Credit: Monika Gunaydin – Tiktok
Monika says the whole process took her 20 hours


Monika says the whole process took her 20 hoursCredit: Monika Gunaydin – Tiktok