I work weddings – a groom’s family canceled just days before, the bride did worse than just cheat

WEDDING cancelations aren’t completely out of the norm – especially when they’re done months in advance.

But one family canceled just days before the festivities, right after a bride made a shocking decision.


A wedding photographer has shared what happened when a bride canceled just a week before the weddingCredit: TikTok/katiemeg22
The reason was shocking


The reason was shockingCredit: TikTok/katiemeg22

“I used to be a wedding photographer and I’ve done around 200 weddings. And I have a lot of stories. Like a lot,” Schroeder began in a TikTok video, recounting the incident.

“But there’s one story that always seems to take the cake for the best wedding story.”

She detailed: “I was working in the office and I got a call on a Tuesday from our Saturday bride. She said ‘are you our photographer?'”

Schroeder had responded “Yeah?” to which the bride said: “Okay well I need to cancel.”

Schroeder informed the bride that she needed to have the cancellation in writing and asked her to email it, which she eagerly agreed to do.

“Now typically when they cancel the week of they’re either really pissed or really sad. She wasn’t. She was happy. It was weird,” Schroeder recounted the interaction.

“So on Wednesday, we get an email from the groom’s aunt who apparently bought it for them as a wedding package, saying that there will never be a wedding between those two, because the bride got married to someone else on Monday,” she said in disbelief.

“She got married to someone else the same week she was about to marry someone else!”

People met the comments section of Schroeder’s video with jokes about the situation.

“You mean to tell me she was having two weddings while I can’t even get a date?” one viewer quipped.

“I wonder if Saturday was an arranged marriage and Monday was the true love… I can see the Hallmark movie now lol,” another said.