‘I would have been livid’

A recent bride shared the major wedding cake fail that almost ruined her ceremony.

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Things are always bound to go awry during a wedding. But failure in the cake department is often dreaded. Not only does the cake affect the bride and groom, but also the guests. TikToker Sara has been “waiting months” to get her wedding photos back just so she could share the dark-sided dessert from her wedding.

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Sara first showed the wedding cake she had anticipated receiving. It was a four-tier dessert platter. The top tier was a simple, round white cake, but glazed donuts filled the bottom three levels. Flowers and leaves garnished the dessert for a fun and sophisticated look.

But what Sara actually received on her wedding day was quite different. Instead, she got chocolate and glazed donuts on a single platter with a seemingly small mound of white cake at the center. Certainly not the wedding cake of most people’s dreams.

“A stack of tortillas surrounded by some bagels would have made me happier. I would have been livid,” a user commented.

“I mean…it’s not even CLOSE! And honestly, it’s a simple cake and just a ton of donuts!” another said.

“Girl…she gave you a macron with donuts around it,” someone joked.

In a follow-up video, Sara explained that the baker arrived over an hour late, showing up with the wrong kind of donuts and a broken three-tier cake stand. Sara said she made a choice at the moment to let it go, instead of getting upset, so that she could enjoy the rest of the ceremony. So she and the bridesmaids made the snap decision to serve the donuts on a platter.

Luckily, although it was months later, she did get her $250 refund.

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