If You’re Having an Outdoor Wedding, Avoid These Top Mistakes | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Following pandemic canceling and dates being pushed, 2021 is insane for weddings, and 2022 is filling up fast! If you need a venue, you better get it now. And if you’re opting for a safe, outdoor ceremony, avoid these common mistakes:

– PICKING A BAD TIME OF DAY: You don’t want the sun right in your eyes when you’re giving your vows and you don’t want the sun right in your guests’ eyes during the ceremony. Also, all that hair and makeup? No one has time for sweating.

– FORGETTING MICROPHONES: “A little louder for the people in the back!”

– NOT PLANNING AN APPROPRIATE MENU: Certain foods are going to turn after a few hours in the sun or attract bugs. Also, experts say to stay away from cakes with a buttercream frosting.