‘I’ll do what I want’

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Watch this adorable kitten get “busted” when its owner finds it sneaking into a baby’s crib.

Charley Ellis (@charleyellis94) is a TikToker and proud mom of both an adorable baby son and an 8-week-old kitten. Ellis’s kitten has a mischievous streak and isn’t content to simply play with cat toys. Instead, the sneaky kitten likes to hop into its human sibling’s crib to play with the toys there.

In a hilarious video, Ellis shared the moment she caught the kitten in the act of playing in the baby’s crib.

The video begins with a shot of the hallway in Ellis’s house. The mom walks toward an open doorway with the camera in her hand. As she walks, the room at the end of the hall begins to come into focus. First, a blue stuffed elephant is visible leaning against the open door. Then a child-sized dresser comes into focus.

“Busted,” Ellis writes in a caption.

As the mom continues to walk toward the doorway, more of the room comes into view. A crib filled with fluffy pillows and stuffed animals sits in the corner. The walls above it are decorated with stars, and a mobile hangs over the crib.

At first, the crib seems to be filled with only stuffed animals. But then, suddenly, one of the “stuffed animals” moves! A tiny kitten sits in the crib, reaching up to play with the toys hanging from the mobile.

The kitten looks up and notices Ellis standing there. As though caught committing a crime, the kitten freezes, then slowly lowers its paw from the mobile. The video ends with the kitten reaching up again.

Sneaky kitten

Viewers cracked up at the sneaky kitten.

“I’m just checking that the baby equipment is up to standard. I wasn’t playing with it just for fun or anything,” one viewer joked, impersonating the kitten.

“It’s the way he got caught, looked guilty for 2 seconds, then thought, ‘Nah, I’ll do what I want,’” another viewer wrote.

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“My cat had to test all the baby stuff first,” wrote another TikToker.

Maybe Ellis’s kitten is doing the whole family a favor, after all, by making sure the crib is up to code.

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