I’m a bride and I left my wedding guests speechless when I changed for the reception

MANY BRIDES decide to have two outfits on their bid day and why not? You only plan to get married once.

But one woman decided to take it a step further with her wedding day change.


The stunning bride wore a Halfpenny London wedding dressCredit: TikTok


Instead of an outfit change for the reception, she went with something more extremeCredit: TikTok

The stunning bride instead decided to chop her locks off for the reception instead of changing her wedding dress.

TikTok user, teased.bysteph, shared the video to her account where it has gone viral with over four million views.

Stephanie Lee, from the US is a salon owner and hairstylist and thankfully for the bride is a close friend and was one of the bridesmaids at her wedding.

Meaning Stephanie was able to be on call for the bride’s drastic chop.

The bride wore a stunning silk white floor-length gown with a halterneck style top.

The bride was thrilled with her drastic change for her wedding reception which left wedding guests speechless but users on TikTok were divided about the idea.

“I love this, I always say when I get married I’ll cut my hair short again.” Wrote one user, who was clearly a fan.

Another user exclaimed: “You know she’s a fun-loving go with the flow girl if she’s down to do something like this. Looks great.”

Another woman joked: “Yeah knowing my husband he wouldn’t even notice.”

But there were many users who were not convinced about doing it on their wedding night, one commented: “NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. NO THANKS.”

“Why? Her hair was gorgeous.”

Stephanie clarified that the bride was a also a hairstylist and had wanted to cut her hair for some time and took her wedding day as the perfect opportunity, she also said they cleaned up the haircut before the bride left for her honeymoon.

Her friend Stephanie, a hairstylist cut her hair before the reception


Her friend Stephanie, a hairstylist cut her hair before the receptionCredit: TikTok
The bride looked stunning but some users didn't like the idea


The bride looked stunning but some users didn’t like the ideaCredit: TikTok

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