I’m a bride and I’m terrified my ex’s WIFE is going to sabotage my wedding, she’s completely obsessed with me

A BRIDE has revealed she’s struggling to look forward to her big day – because she fears her ex’s WIFE is going to sabotage it.

The woman claims her daughter’s stepmum has made her life a “living hell” for more than ten years.


A bride is terrified her ex’s new wife will ruin her wedding (stock image)Credit: Alamy

She said: “Every other week something is an issue. Claims are made, complaints are made, police at my door.

“She’s blocked on all social media platforms but she does run a few fake Facebook accounts to do her stalking on. 

“I can’t post anything on my business page without it being reported. Fake reviews left on my business page and Google under fake emails. It’s ridiculous.

“Feel like this woman is constant. If she can’t get to me she tries to get to my daughter. It’s disgusting.”

And the Scots mum is terrified that her wedding will be targeted next.

She’s even been forced to call her venue and vendors to make them aware of the toxic situation.

In a social media post, the bride – who we are not naming – said: “They know about our marriage and we’re wondering if they could try and potentially cancel our wedding? 

“She’s done so much worse. So this would be nothing. 

“I have already given a heads up to the venue regarding their names and if someone potentially cancelled please call back as that’s how bad they are.

“But we’re wondering if they could object to the m10 forms at the local council? 

“I’m currently in contact with a lawyer regarding a non-harassment order but seriously this is giving me the utter fear.

“Just hope and pray this ends sooner rather than later. I don’t want to go into married life with them trying to make our life a living hell.”

Social media users have been left sympathising for the bride.

One said: “Hope all goes well for you and you manage to get it sorted. Your ex partner’s wife’s not got a life of her own.”

Meanwhile, another added: “If they try to ruin it, it shows them for what they are! Try to relax and enjoy your day.”