I’m a bride – I grew up poor & 3 crucial wedding lessons will save you thousands without compromising on beauty

A BRIDE who grew up poor has revealed how couples can save money on their big day without compromising on beauty.

The TikToker, known as Techthots, has said weddings don’t necessarily have to cost thousands of dollars.


A bride has explained how couples can save money on their weddingCredit: TikTok/techthots
She created her own bouquet after being charged more than $50 by a florist


She created her own bouquet after being charged more than $50 by a floristCredit: TikTok/techthots

She said that growing up poor as a first-generation immigrant taught her to be creative.

And viewers have accused the wedding industry of being “inaccessible” to many.

Techthots said that you don’t have to fork out thousands to have the “wedding of your dreams”.

The influencer said: “I have expensive taste and I still achieve the wedding of my dreams.”

She told her fans that “no one cares” about material items.

Techtots shared how to make a wedding bouquet after being quoted over $50 by a florist.

She spent $32 after buying eight bunches of flowers from the store.

She assembled her bouquet using roses, floral tape, and tulle bows before building it out.

A TikToker, who claims to be a florist, warned that wedding bouquets could cost “hundreds” of dollars.

The influencer shared a tutorial on how she turned a $6 lamp from a thrift store into a wedding centerpiece.

She bought spray paint, a tube of E6000 glue, floral foam blocks, and fake flowers to create the decoration.

Viewers raved over how they could save money by creating a wedding centerpiece.

One said: “I had to do everything MYSELF for my wedding so this speaks to my soul.”

Another commented: “Super creative, I love the centerpieces and you look great in your wedding dresses.”

While, a third viewer said: “So smart!! Love this tutorial.”

Meanwhile, a Wall Street worker, known as Courtney, has claimed she managed to save hundreds of dollars on her wedding cake by shopping at Walmart.

Newlywed Shayna told The U.S Sun that she saved a whopping $10,000 on her big day by hunting for deals at stores like Costco and discovering a credit card hack that allowed them to go on their honeymoon for free.

And, a bride who couldn’t afford her wedding came up with a cheaper solution but it left people divided.