I’m a fashion expert & here’s what wedding dress codes REALLY mean

NOT trying to sound dramatic – but we genuinely think we find dressing for a wedding more stressful than the bride.

On the one hand, you want to look stylish and chic – but on the other, you don’t want to wear anything which could possibly draw attention away from the wedding party.


Fashion expert Kristina Kacheeva debunked each and every type of wedding inviteCredit: tiktok/@kristinakacheeva
She said this kind of dress is only suitable for cocktail parties


She said this kind of dress is only suitable for cocktail partiesCredit: tiktok/@kristinakacheeva

Feel our pain? Then fashion expert Kristina Kacheeva is here to help.

Earlier this month, the social media star – who has amassed over 325,000 followers thanks to her style hacks – debunked what wedding dress codes REALLY mean.

Demonstrating what you should wear to each kind of event, Kristina kicked things off with the dreaded black tie invite.

For this type of affair, the expert said your dress HAS to be full-length.

And while a slit showing a bit of a leg is acceptable, the expert said you shouldn’t have a hem higher than the floor – just like her shimmering gold gown.

If you’ve been given a cocktail party dress code to abide by, Kristina says this is a little more flexible.

According to the expert, the shortest dress you can get away with should sit just above the knee.

For this example, Kristina modelled a stunning emerald silk strappy frock with a V-neck.

As for the more laid-back weddings, Kristina said floaty maxi dresses are perfect for this and you can embrace colour in a way you can’t with black tie invites.

When it comes to destination weddings, the expert says this is where you have the most freedom and can have real fun with your outfit.

Urging people to go for shorter hemlines, Kristina said to lean into “bright colours and hemlines.”

Last year, the fashion expert set the internet alight when she revealed her simple trick for fixing gaping cardigans.

What’s more, the savvy fashion pro shared her quick hack which will make sure dresses always fit flawlessly.

Casual weddings are perfect for maxi dresses


Casual weddings are perfect for maxi dressesCredit: tiktok/@kristinakacheeva
Lean into colour and print with destination weddings


Lean into colour and print with destination weddingsCredit: tiktok/@kristinakacheeva