I’m a wedding photographer and a bride used my dress as a tissue WHILE I was wearing it

A WEDDING photographer was left mortified after a sobbing bride used her dress to blow her nose. 

The photographer was even in more disbelief over the matter because she had just met the bride and her husband-to-be that day. 


A wedding photographer had to wear a dirty dress all day after a bride blew her nose into itCredit: Getty


The photographer thought the bride only needed to wipe her tears into her dressCredit: Getty

The photographer, named Paige Beaubien, recalled the horrifying situation in a video posted to her TikTok page. 

She began her video by stating the wedding she was shooting took place “right after the height of Covid-19,” which made her story even more frightening. 

Paige went on to describe the sweet atmosphere of the first-look session she had with the high school sweethearts prior to their nuptials. 

“It was absolutely beautiful. This is probably one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever worked with. She was stunning and you know, tears were flowing,” she said. 

“So the bride looks at me and goes, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Can I use your dress?’” she continued. 

Paige mentioned that she was only a few steps away from where the men got ready, which probably had tissues or napkins, but responded to the bride with a polite, “Of course,” thinking that she only needed to wipe her tears.

Then, the bride proceeded to blow her nose into Paige’s dress. “Full on snots,” Paige remarked. 

To make it worse, this was just the beginning of the day for Paige, and she had to wear her snot-covered dress the rest of the evening. 

She added that the main photographer she was working with frantically apologized and offered to get her dress dry-cleaned. 

“We could not believe that just happened,” she concluded. Yikes!

The internet had similar feelings of disgust, with one user commenting that the bride was “out of her freaking mind!”

Paige commented under her video that she would never even allow her best friend to do such a thing, but can at least “laugh at it now.”

The photographer is still shooting weddings and laughs at the unpleasant experience


The photographer is still shooting weddings and laughs at the unpleasant experienceCredit: Getty

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