I’m an elegance coach – 7 dress code mistakes that will embarrass you at everything from funerals to job interviews

DRESS codes are more common at school and in the office – but there are also unspoken style rules for other occasions.

From family events to job interviews, elegance expert Anna Bey outlined the seven dress code mistakes you may be making that unknowingly embarrass you.


Elegance expert Anna Bey shares the seven dress code mistakes that embarrass womenCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey
Never wear white to another person's wedding


Never wear white to another person’s weddingCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey

Though you shouldn’t take others’ opinions to heart, you never want to feel ashamed in public.

And Anna Bey says that could happen if you make any of her seven dress code violations.

She posted a video explaining these mistakes and how they make you less elegant.

“Being in a gathering and sticking out like a sore thumb because you are either overdressed or underdressed is never a fun experience,” Anna says.

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“And that’s why ladies, we have dress codes because they help guide you in the right direction, and they help make you always feel at ease in any circumstance.”

Though Anna thought this to be glaringly obvious, she finds herself having to explain this mistake.

Wearing white at a wedding that’s not yours is a huge no-no.

“That is incredibly inappropriate,” Anna adds.

White or not, never wear any outfit that could “upstage” the bride.

“You should not have a dress that is more flamboyant than what the bride is wearing,” Anna says.

“You cannot put on your sexy show. You don’t want someone’s grandpa to be staring down your cleavage.”

Crop tops, cut-out dresses, and short skirts, all go against the wedding dress code.

Instead, you should find a cocktail gown.

Because funerals are inevitable, Anna discusses the fashion mistakes that will cause you to seem disrespectful.

Mini skirts and mini dresses expose too much skin for such a conservative setting.

Crop tops and mini skirts are inappropriate to wear for weddings, fancy restaurants, and funerals


Crop tops and mini skirts are inappropriate to wear for weddings, fancy restaurants, and funeralsCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey

But according to Anna, floor-length dresses and skirts aren’t appropriate either.

While black is the color you should always try to wear, navy blue is acceptable.

Anna argues accessories need to be minimal, like a simple pearl necklace.

“Now, let’s talk about a big pet peeve of mine,” she says.

To Anna, not dressing up for the theater is unacceptable.

She explains: “Going to the theater and going to the opera used to be a sacred, special tradition for people.”

Keep your stained sweatpants, athleisure wear, crop tops, and booty shorts at home.

“I would just wear a cute dress that makes you feel put together,” Anna proclaims.

A shirt dress is a classy item to wear in holy spaces


A shirt dress is a classy item to wear in holy spacesCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey

The next mistake that Anna notices people making is not covering up when entering a holy place.

A shirt dress is a perfect item to wear when galavanting around Europe and entering religious spaces.

Times have changed and so have the expectations for interview apparel.

You don’t have to wear a pantsuit, but that doesn’t mean you should show up in your favorite pair of worn-in jeans.

For a more relaxed job, Anna says you should “come as you are.”

But again, don’t show up looking unpresentable.

If you’re interviewing with a corporate company, formal business attire is appropriate for the interview.

You shouldn’t show up in off-the-shoulder tops, open-toe shoes, or stiletto heels, and don’t wear too many colors.

Flaunting expensive accessories is never a good idea.

You should always dress nice when going to the theater


You should always dress nice when going to the theaterCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey

Anna personally can’t stand seeing the way some people dress on TikTok.

“We have these people recording videos in their PJs,” Anna says.

“Why can’t you just like change? Maybe brush your hair.”

As much as the TikTok attire baffles Anna, the people that dress casually for fancy restaurants do too.

Heels, dresses, and tailored trousers are preferred to look elegant.

Viewers agreed that there were dress codes to follow in specific settings.

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“I find it SUPER disrespectful when someone goes underdressed to somebody else’s event,” one passionate person wrote.

Another frustrated fashion fan said: “I wish formal rules would return. Life would be so much easier; I spend so much time trying not to over-dress.”