I’m Not Your Real Father!

By: Elizabeth Ervin
| Published:
February 22, 2023

Recently a man, who had taken on the role of a loving father to his late wife’s three children, found himself at odds with them when a shocking revelation challenged the family dynamic.

A man in his early 50s faced a devastating loss when his wife of 25 years, Anna, passed away from cancer after an eight-month battle. Anna had four children, three from a previous marriage and the 25-year-old Andrew they had together.

The financial toll of Anna’s illness was overwhelming, and he had to downgrade his car, withdraw from his 401k, and accrue debt.


The Next Chapter

Shortly after Anna’s death, he met and got engaged to another woman, Beth. They decided to sell Anna’s house, and when they were packing up, the man asked Anna’s children if they wanted anything, but they declined.

So he invested a large sum of money in renovating the house, which he eventually sold to a house-flipping company.

However, on the closing day, the man was blindsided when he found out that one of Anna’s daughters, Allison, had contacted the lending company and claimed that, according to state law, she and her siblings were entitled to a portion of the sale.


The Aftermath

Feeling betrayed, the man cut ties with Anna’s children, even telling them they were no longer welcome at his wedding, which was to be held the following weekend. Unfortunately, the weekend also happened to be the anniversary of their mother’s funeral.

This caused a rift between the man and Andrew, who was deeply hurt by the man’s actions. However, he felt that the date didn’t matter because her death was a painful date and not the date of her funeral.

As a result, Andrew refused to attend the wedding or speak to the man until he apologized to his siblings. The man’s new wife, Beth, urged him to make amends, but he felt that he was “hard done” and was unwilling to compromise. Here is how the internet responded.


Jerk a Million Times Over

“Wow, you’re a jerk a million times over,” one suggested. “You are so petty for telling them you aren’t their father anymore when YOU raised them.

They were entitled to that money just as you are, and it doesn’t sound like they tried to do it maliciously. Excellent job ruining those relationships for the rest of your life. I hope you come to regret it thoroughly.”


You’re a Bigger Jerk for Disinheriting

One asked, “Are you kidding me? So you tried to disinherit your deceased wife’s kids and then want to know if you’re the jerk for disinviting them to a wedding and telling the kids you raised that you aren’t their real father?

Yes, you’re the jerk. But you’re the even bigger jerk for trying to disinherit them. Do you think that’s what your late wife would have wanted?”


No Wonder Your Biological Son Is Angry

“First, you ignored that Anna’s kids would be entitled to an inheritance from their mother. Second, you had a petulant toddler tantrum over selling your motorbike, which was an unwise purchase because you had to know about number one.

Third, you retaliated against your stepchildren, for whom you were the lone father figure, by hurting their feelings and disowning them because they had the nerve to want the inheritance from their mother, to which they were entitled.

I get that you went through a challenging time, but so did your children–all of them. No wonder your biological son is angry.”


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You Didn’t Love Her the Way You Should

Finally, one Redditor said, “To be honest, you met a girl and are getting married around a year after your late wife’s death; that tells me you probably didn’t love her the way you should (after twenty-five years).

You are upset that the kids are taking some of the money, yet you bought a new motorcycle instead of just getting out of debt.”


What do you think? Was this Redditor the worst, or do you understand his actions?


This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.


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