‘I’m spending son’s birthday putting flowers on grave after he was stabbed 64 times’

A mum whose son was left with a knife embedded in his skull after being stabbed 64 times paid a heartbreaking tribute on what should have been his 22nd birthday.

Taylor Black, who wanted to be a journalist, was just 18 when he was murdered.

And his mum Lindsey Allison today spoke about how “life is so unfair” in an emotional message.

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She said she should be taking her boy to the pub to celebrate his special day but is instead buying flowers for his grave.

In a powerful Facebook post, she wrote: “Happy heavenly 22nd birthday my beautiful boy, I shouldn’t have to be buying flowers for your grave, I should be taking you to the pub celebrating with you, you should be out partying with your friends.

Taylor was studying computer science at university and had ambitions of being a journalist (Image: Lindsey Allison)

“Life is so unfair. I love you so much my amazing boy, make sure you celebrate up there with Niki. I’m sure you will, you were never one to turn down a good party till I see you again my boy, all our love mam, nanna and your little brother Shae.”

Nathan Costello is now serving a life sentence for the needless murder (Image: Cleveland Police)

She said her son Shae has helped her keep going after tragically losing her son and brother (Image: Lindsey Allison)

Grieving mum Lindsey Allison with her boys Taylor and Shae (Image: Supplied by the family)

Lindsey Allison with her son Taylor Black(Image: Supplied by the family)

Shae holding a letter he wrote calling for an end to knife crime (Image: Lindsey Allison)