‘I’m still reeling from it’

A woman can’t believe her friend showed her fiance a photo of her in her wedding gown.

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She took to Reddit’s “Wedding” forum for help. Her friend had too much to drink and inadvertently showed a group of people the photo. Now the bride feels like a big part of her wedding day was ruined.

“Friend drunkenly/accidentally showed my fiancé a photo of me in my wedding dress. Struggling to let go of the fact that the decision for him to see me in my dress before our wedding was made for me,” she wrote.

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The act wasn’t intentional. The friend was drunk and showed a group of people a new feature on her phone. The trouble was that she didn’t realize the bride-to-be’s photo was in clear view.

“I have been so terrified of him seeing it I have no photos saved on my phone, haven’t sent photos out to even family members but this close friend wanted to show her wife the dress so I decided to trust her and sent her a photo. Of course, 4 hours later that night my fiancé saw the photo,” the Redditor explained. “I feel devastated.”

The bride-to-be felt like some of the “wedding magic was ruined” and isn’t sure what to do.

“I am still reeling from it, and haven’t fully processed but I’m hoping to hear some stories of similar situations and how y’all adapted and shifted your mindset,” she wrote.

Redditors reassured her that it may not be such a big deal after all.

“Breathe. Seeing a photo is very different from seeing it in real life. You’ll be in full bridal makeup/hair/look and look stunning as a package,” someone wrote.

“The moment will still be magical. A dress is a dress – and that’s all he saw. And for what, a few seconds?” another said.

“I don’t even remember what my own dress looks like after not seeing it for a month. He won’t remember. It’ll still be new,” a person commented.

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