Inside ‘Family Karma’ Stars Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana’s Indian Wedding

The couple became a part of Bravo’s reality show “Family Karma,” which amplified their relationship woes, Parvani told Insider.

Parvani and Sadana had to change their wedding plans because of the pandemic.

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The 2020 show “Family Karma” follows the lives of Parvani and Sadana’s friends as they navigate being part of multi-generational families originally from India who have made Miami, Florida, their permanent home. 

“Having our relationship on television added some level of stress as well. We had to deal with our issues and learn to tune out the noise,” Parvani said. “It took us a few years to get to the point where we are today.” 

In 2021, when season two of the show premiered, the couple was actually broken up. Parvani and Sadana’s journey to getting back together was a big part of the second season.

After spending a few months apart, Parvani proposed to Sadana again — this time, in his apartment with a mariachi band. 

“I hid them in the bathroom and had them pop out and surprise her,” he said. 

Parvani said waiting over 10 years to get married to Sadana was ultimately the best move for their relationship because it gave them time to iron things out and become stronger together. 

“Our relationship has been through the wringer. And we are still standing strong next to each other after it all, so nothing can break us,” Parvani said. “I think we are both happy we waited. Our journey may not be the traditional journey, but it was our journey.”