Internet Marvels at Planner’s Wedding Day Insight for Grooms: ‘So Smart’

A wedding planner posted a now-viral TikTok video in which she shared some advice for grooms to consider on their wedding day.

TikTok user Julia Drachenberg posted the video to her account @daybydrachenberg on Thursday where it has already amassed more than 1 million views and prompted viewers to share their own advice.

Drachenberg told Newsweek in an email on Friday that it was a follow-up to another video she posted in which she shared tips for brides the morning of their wedding day.

According to the magazine Brides, the groom can enjoy the morning of the wedding with his groomsmen, pass out tips to vendors and send a gift to his partner.

A wedding planner shared advice for grooms to consider the morning of their wedding in a viral TikTok video.
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“Jewelry is always a great choice, and another classic idea is something for your home, like a vase or a framed picture from your proposal or engagement session,” the article stated.

Drachenberg gave some insight into what a groom may consider as they are getting ready for their big day, which included what to do with facial hair, having a backup dress shirt and taking off a fitness watch.

“The morning of your wedding is not the day to try out a new facial hair thing,” she said in the video. “Try it out before, figure out exactly where you need to shave, how many days you need to grow it out, take pictures, take videos. Please don’t try it for the first time the day of.”

For those planning to shave the morning of the wedding, Drachenberg recommended that they shave early to give time for the skin to calm down. She also suggested having a backup dress shirt and cautioned against taking shots before the ceremony.

Another tip Drachenberg gave was to take off the fitness watch before the ceremony.

“You want to wear a watch for your wedding, it’s part of your wedding, that’s fine, wear a nice watch,” she said. “Your Apple Watch can stay at home that day.”

The final tip Drachenberg offered was for the groom to take a minute to enjoy the day.

“It’s a big day, there are a lot of emotions, so take a moment, look at yourself in the mirror and take it all in,” she said. “It’s your wedding day.”

Viewers applauded the advice, while some offered some of their own for grooms.

“This is so smart,” one TikTok user wrote. “My sweet fiancé has been shaving now in prep for the wedding to get his skin conditioned.”

“I’d say to get their [manicure] done,” a viewer wrote. “Just to clean and trim them and remove the skin off…etc you don’t wanna see ugly hands in the pictures.”

A TikTok user wrote that the groom should leave his phone with someone, rather than keeping it in his pocket.

“He doesn’t need it day of and it may show in photos,” they wrote.

Another shared that men should feel comfortable wearing makeup if it makes them feel confident.

“There is nothing wrong with getting a little concealer or powder done,” they wrote. “Do what makes you feel best.”

Drachenberg said she often found videos that discussed the “morning of the wedding” focused more on the fun side of the day, but did not include many of the logistics.

“I wanted to talk about ways to ensure couples’ photos turn out beautifully and there’s not a distracting stain or something,” she explained.

In addition to some of the tips shared in the video, Drachenberg echoed some of the suggestions left by commenters, like getting a manicure or wearing makeup if they wanted to cover any spots or enhance their appearance.

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