Is Eloise to Ruin Penelope’s Wedding?

Bridgerton, the period drama series that took the world by storm, has left fans eagerly anticipating the release of its third season.

However, rumors circulating about the upcoming season, particularly regarding the potential downfall of Penelope Featherington’s long-awaited wedding, have put fans on edge.

In fact, there’s a growing concern that Penelope’s own best friend, Eloise Bridgerton, may have a hand in the wedding’s ruin.

As you may recall, the show’s last season ended on a rather dramatic note, with Eloise unmasking Penelope as Lady Whistledown.

Understandably, Eloise was upset about the discovery as she felt like her best friend betrayed her trust and spread gossip in the column at a cost to Eloise and her family.

The two friends ended up having a falling out, which left the viewers wondering whether they’ll be able to recover their friendship after this.

As for the upcoming season, it was announced that the main focus is going to be on Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton’s friends-to-lovers story. But while that sounds exciting, a spoiler has recently been going around, according to which it won’t be smooth sailing for the pair.

In fact, there are claims that Penelope and Colin will have a wedding and there will be drama, as even the background actors allegedly had to leave the church, where the wedding is set, while the main cast was filming.

This rumor has sparked an intense debate among fans, who are left wondering what kind of drama the show’s creators have in store for them. Many are feeling tense as they strongly believe Eloise might interrupt the wedding, with some saying they don’t want that to happen as there are already enough people hating her.

Others, on the other hand, think it would be an intriguing plot line they wouldn’t mind watching unfold as Colin isn’t aware of the fact that the woman he loves has a double life.

And let’s not forget that Penelope herself stopped Colin from marrying Marina due to her keeping a secret. So, if Eloise were to attempt to protect her brother, Penelope would experience firsthand what it feels like to have a secret revealed and the impact that can have on people’s lives.

However, as the showrunners are not exactly known for following the precise order established in the books, there’s a high possibility that Lady Whistledown’s identity will remain hidden from Colin for at least half of the upcoming season.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much drama to continue between Penelope and Eloise.