Is This The Way To A Happy Marriage With An Asian Wife

It seems impossible to count how many Asian mail order wives are out there today. Their number is growing dramatically. Foreign men go mad over Oriental beauty and want to get an Asian wife. Due to online dating and a huge Asian mail order brides catalogue, this is easily achievable. But what are the reasons to choose a girl from the East? Is it costly? What country is the best to look for a wife? Keep reading to learn.

Check out best sites to find an Asian women:

  • Easternhoneys – number-one dating site to meet Asian women
  • Orchid Romance – best platform with hot Asian ladies looking for romantic relationships
  • Asian Melodies – one of international dating platforms with Oriental women
  • Theluckydate Asia – an example of nice online dating services to find an Asian girlfriend
  • AsianSingles – a popular website to find a beautiful Asian woman

Who are Asian mail order brides?

Mail order brides are single women who register on international dating sites with the purpose of meeting a foreign partner for dating and possibly marriage. Mainly, these are young and beautiful ladies from developing countries of Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, but you can find girls of any nationality among them.

As the name suggests, mail order Asian brides come from the East and South Asian region—China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and so on—and are ready to relocate to live with their husbands.

Why do Asian brides they look for foreign husbands? They have lots of reasons. For example, some can’t find worthy partners among locals, others feel like they get on much better with Westerners, some Asian women believe they could have a better life in another country, etc.

In short, an Asian bride is a foreign lady interested in meeting a Western guy like you. And, luckily, Asian dating sites have already proved their effectiveness when it comes to love search. If, for some reason, you’re struggling with finding a spouse in your home country, try looking for an Asian mail order bride.

Top reasons to get an Asian mail order bride

Here’s why you should consider meeting and dating an Asian woman.


Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung, Mindy Kaling are just a few celebrities serving as great examples of how Asian girls look. What are typical Asian beauty standards? Fair or pale skin, thin figure, large eyes with double-fold eyelids, and a smooth “goose egg”-shaped face. Asian ladies protect their skin in all possible ways, follow diets, and don’t shy away even from plastic surgeries. They are fully dedicated to looking attractive.

Family values

If you need a wife-material woman, go to Asia! That’s where the divorce rate is the lowest in the world. Moreover, statistically, Asian women are estimated to have the lowest divorce rate even in America. It all comes from the background, religion, and Confucian teachings. “Divorce brings family shame”—that’s their core belief. Therefore, robust family values, love, respect, and support always accompany marriages with Asian brides.


Asian mail order brides are famous for their quiet, humble, and timid character. However, it’s not that they’re dull in conversation. On the contrary, Asian girls know how to have fun and have a great sense of humor. Nevertheless, they never transcend the limits of decency and behave appropriately in every situation. You’ll never feel ashamed because of the girls’ jinks. Furthermore, be sure—she’ll never make a scene or start fighting publicly. “Not to bring the quarrel out of the cottage” is their family motto.

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How to get an Asian mail order bride?

Getting your Asian mail order wife isn’t that challenging, but it still requires certain efforts and time. Here’s a short step-by-step instruction on how to find a girl.

  1. Define the Asian bride nationality. There are 48 countries in Asia. Of course, they have lots in common. There are similarities in cultures, languages, traditions. But the countries and ethnicities also differ in many ways. You need to think about which woman would be the most compatible with you. Consider how she should look, what character, religion, education, and other characteristics she should have. You’ll find out more about the countries further, so keep reading.
  2. Define the purpose. What do you want from an Asian mail order bride? Is it just online flirting for fun or entertainment? Are you planning to meet the woman for real face-to-face dates? What about marriage? Keep in mind that the majority of local girls are interested in the latter, so it isn’t the best idea to play games with her.
  3. Define the budget. How much are you willing to spend on your Asian woman to finally reach your happiness? It’ll require certain expenditures on dating sites, trips, dates, visas, and presents. Read more about approximate Asian brides prices below. Spoiler alert: no, you won’t have to spend a fortune. But a hundred bucks won’t be enough either.

And the last thing to clarify—you don’t buy or order an Asian bride. You date a girl online with all the classic romance stuff like flirting, flowers, presents, trying to make her fall for you. So, you pay for dating, not for the woman.

So, finally, how to order an Asian bride?

  1. Choose a dating agency you consider the most reliable
  2. Create an attractive profile (upload a new photo and add detailed personal information)
  3. Write to a few Asian girls you find the most interesting
  4. Narrow your choice to one woman and start courting
  5. Send flowers and presents
  6. Arrange a personal meeting with a mail order bride
  7. Propose if you feel like your Asian lady is the one!
  8. Let the agency take care of the further process

find real Asian

Best way to find real Asian mail order brides

There’s nothing more effective, fast, and cost-efficient for a spouse search in the modern world like online dating. It gives lots of opportunities to meet the best possible match. Here are a few of its advantages.

Choice. How many pretty single girls ready for dating can you meet at parties, bars, clubs, or work? Not that many, right? Now, imagine you enter a room full of thousands of Asian brides looking for a foreigner like you. Sounds fantastic? No, it’s more than real. That’s what online dating is all about. The Asian mail order brides catalogue is just huge!

Speed. How many dates would it take to find the most compatible woman? How long should you date to get to know each other better? Probably, it requires lots of time (months and even years). It’s much faster with online dating. You learn a lot about a girl even before starting to chat with her. You can even make a conclusion about your compatibility by reading her personal info section (there are details about the character, hobbies, habits, parental status, and other features).

Money. Finally, can you at least approximately count how much you need to spend on dates should you see girls offline? It’s an established fact that online dating is much more affordable. In the beginning, all you need to pay for is the platform where you meet Asian brides. Only after you find an Asian girl you really like you start spending money on things like flowers and presents. What else? See further.

Best dating sites to meet Asian women

Looking for more information about dating websites with stunning singles, consider these short but still informative reviews to get a general idea about them.


  • Number of users: 1.1 million
  • Price starts from: $2.99
  • The majority of girls are from: China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Korea


Eastern Honeys is a great site to enjoy dating Asian women online. It attracts people looking for affairs with stunning Oriental ladies in a simple and entertaining manner. It’s great for chatting and sending messages as well as exchanging presents and media attachments. You can like girls’ profiles, wink and add them to favorites. Men appreciate the possibility to see who’s interested in them and to arrange real dates directly on the site. Everyone can join the site and discover its basic functionality for free!

🔥Orchid Romance

  • Number of users: over 900k
  • Price starts from: $2.99
  • The majority of girls are from: the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and China

Orchid Romance
Orchid Romance

Orchid Romance is a popular site with thousands of hot Asian women. It has high-quality profiles and a variety of extra features and services. Users can register for free as well as browse other profiles, use a search tool, wink at others and contact customer support. Premium members can send messages, gifts and flowers, view profile videos, and request contact details. This site operates on a credit-based system allowing users to control their expenses and order only those services that they really need.

🔥Asian Melodies

  • Number of users: 700k
  • Price starts from: $2.99
  • The majority of girls are from: the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, India, and Thailand

Asian Melodies
Asian Melodies

Asian Melodies is a popular site with single women from Asian countries where 70% of all members are adorable Oriental beauties. The platform has a unique matchmaking system that makes suggestions of the best partners as well as a search engine with lost of filters to find perfect girlfriends at once. Men can also send meeting requests and enjoy instant messaging when they get credits. There’s also a pleasant bonus from the site for new members who are awarded 20 free credits to try premium options paying nothing instead!

How much are Asian mail order brides?

Asian mail order bride prices may vary depending on lots of factors. Here are the most common types of expenses.

Dating platform

Dating sites cost differently. There are even free services where you can meet Asian brides for dating, but they’re usually of dubious quality. The majority chooses mid-range sites that cost about $100–200 a month. There are premium memberships too. Their monthly cost may reach $300–500 or more.

Dating expenses

This category is about your expenditures on courting. First of all, it concerns flowers and presents. On the one hand, you can save and avoid this point. But if you want to win your beautiful Asian girl, then don’t forget to approach her with something nice and pleasant. Send her gifts regularly to prove you’re a worthy man who adores and appreciates her. Second, financial help. Some men help Asian brides from poorer countries like Cambodia, India, or Vietnam, but this is also up to you. Thus, you might need from $50–200 a month up to hundreds of dollars.

Travel expenses

If you decide to visit her country, purchasing flight tickets, booking accommodation, buying presents, and paying for restaurants and entertainment might cost you a few thousand dollars. It might be much cheaper if you book everything in advance, stay at her place, and don’t get too extravagant.

For example, a flight to Asia from the USA costs around $1,200, while a night in the hotel room may cost from $40 to $80 depending on the country. Don’t forget to add meals, transportation, and having fun together! Consider your own budget and think how much you’re willing to spend because the sky is the limit.

Thus, an average cost of courting Asian mail order brides might be about $3500-6000+ for 6 months. That’s about $500-1000 a month, which seems pretty affordable for a modern Western man. What do you think?

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Why Asian women become mail order brides

The range of single Asian women looking for love online is incredibly big, but what encourages so many Asian singles to join mail order bride services? These reasons are often personal, but the majority of them are limited to the following ones:

  • Desire to love and be loved: many beautiful Asian women still have to enter arranged marriages with men they’ve never seen and liked, so they look for a reliable dating site where they can become Asian wives for western men;
  • Attraction to men of the European race: Asian girls consider men from western countries superheroes who respect their partners, look like Gods, and become prosperous thanks to their ambitious and hard-working nature;
  • Poverty: most Asian brides from Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and some other Asian countries are from rural areas where they’re raised in poor families and have to survive for years.Therefore, they become mail order Asian brides to get out of this hell and be able to help their parents leaving their home;
  • Disappointment in local men: it often happens that an Asian woman starts looking for a foreign suitor since local guys have no idea how to treat women. They often turn out to be lazy, rude, and unpromising, so Asian singles join online dating sites to meet better partners for life.

Best country to look for an Asian mail order wife

There are almost 50 countries in Asia. Which one to choose for a wife search? Here’s a short description of Asian countries with the biggest number of Asian ladies for marriage.

China. Why Chinese women? Well, first, they’re gorgeous—pale skin, fit tiny bodies, smooth black hair. Second, statistically, approximately one in two local girls wants to date a man from overseas. The number of Chinese ladies on dating platforms seems endless, and your chances for a happy relationship are tremendous.

Japan. Pretty, stylish, smart, and fun—this is all about modern Japanese brides. One of the fascinating facts about the girls—they stay beautiful during their whole lifetime and age gracefully. Another important fact to be aware of—traditional gender roles are deeply rooted in Japanese society.

India. India is quite controversial when it comes to Asian brides search. On the one hand, there are still arranged marriages and strict traditions. On the other hand, more and more women choose a Westernized way of living, date foreign guys, take off their saree, put on modern clothes, and make great wives for Americans.

Thailand. Thai women are famous for being extremely positive and smiley. It seems like they radiate kindness and love. If you need a feminine and caring wife—go for a Thai lady. Patience, gentleness, sensitivity, empathy, and humility are national traits.

Vietnam. The first reason to marry a girl from Vietnam is their strong family values. They indeed care about their families, husbands, and children more than about themselves. Thus, your wife will always make sure you’re taken care of. She’ll cook for you the yummiest dishes, she’ll get on well with your friends and relatives, and she’ll be the best mother for your children.

Philippines. The Philippines is the most Westernized part of Asia. Girls speak quite fluent English and never have trouble communicating with foreigners. That’s why there are so many American-Filipino couples. They make great matches because of similarities in culture. Filipino ladies have Spanish, American, and native ancestors, and, as a result, they look very exotic. You’ll love it!

Asian mail order wives tours

Except for regular online communication, arranging gifts delivery, and exchanging contacts, some dating platforms help singles meet up during mail order wives tours. Does everyone need that? Well, if you have the resources like time and money, then why not?

This is a great opportunity to see Asian brides face-to-face, communicate, get to know each other better, and have a great time. Many men regard it as a kind of vacation with the benefits of meeting a potential partner.

What’s the procedure?

Collecting data, creating profiles. First, experts working for a dating platform collect all necessary information about men and Asian brides who’re going to meet. They ask for photos, personal details like the description of a perfect match.

Arranging a tour. You can purchase either a group or a solo tour to an Asian country you want. All that’s required from you is to pay for the services. Everything else will be arranged—tickets, accommodation, transfer, other stuff.

Meetings. When you arrive in the destination country, fun is already awaiting. You’re going to do some sightseeing, meet ladies in clubs or restaurants, eat local dishes, and talk with pretty women. No worries, just pleasure.

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Are Asian mail order brides legal?

As there are lots of rumors, myths, and misunderstandings about the “mail order bride” notion, people tend to misinterpret it and consider it as something illegal. But it’s not like that, indeed. Let’s alleviate all your concerns.

Mail order brides are legal. You don’t buy an Asian woman. Men purchase a membership on an Asian dating site, pay for presents and dates, but they don’t pay for an Asian bride online.

In fact, as the phenomenon isn’t that new, certain countries have already passed specific laws. So to make it all legal, you need to do some research. For example, there’s a special Regulation Act passed in the USA almost 20 years ago. It requires a husband to submit a number of documents. They should contain info about his finances and criminal history.

Tips for dating Asian mail order girls
Tips for dating Asian mail order girls

Tips for dating Asian mail order girls

As Asian mail order brides are raised in a very different culture, here are a few pieces of advice to follow not to screw it all up.

Forget about stereotypes. There are many myths about Asian women. Many believe they’re submissive, obedient, and want to be nothing but homemakers. And this is just a small portion of stereotypes Asian women suffer from. Get your head free of this nonsense and assume nothing. Look at your future partner as her own person and expect her to express her own opinions, habits, and desires. Learn about her by asking questions.

Don’t fetishize her. You’ve probably heard about the Asian girl fetish phenomenon. It’s sometimes also described as the yellow fever, and local Asian girls get extremely offended by it. They want you to choose them for who they are, not for where they come from or what appearance they have.

Be romantic. One of the reasons Asian mail order brides choose Western men for husbands is because they believe they’re better life partners. So you’re expected to court and be a gentleman. Give gifts, call, regularly ask her how she’s doing, make compliments, and be romantic in every possible way. You’ll definitely be rewarded for that!

American woman VS Asian bride

Many western women can’t understand why men from western countries decide to find a beautiful Asian wife instead of looking for a partner nearby. In most cases, single men have a clear understanding of how they imagine a future wife, and American women get fewer winning points in comparison with single Asian women.

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It’s a widely known fact that beautiful Asian girls make wonderful wives. They’re loyal, obedient, and family-oriented unlike western ladies. The last ones look for equality in relationships, and they’re more likely to devote their free time to a career path rather than take care of kids. 

Another difference between Asian brides and western women is values. Ladies living in a feminized society come to the conclusion about the necessity to study, grow professionally, and be independent from others. Girls in Asian cultures have always been awesome house keepers and caring mothers for children, and they’re still raised to cope with these responsibilities perfectly! They conclude that there’s nothing more valuable and important in the world than a family!


Are Asian mail order women real?

Asian mail order wives are real women. They’re commonly single or divorced, of different ages, but usually young, pretty, and eager to find a partner from overseas. The girls register on dating platforms and create profiles with their real photos and true information. To avoid scammers, use only reliable and trusted services.

Can you really buy a bride?

You don’t “buy” a bride. Men pay for services on dating sites, and when guys meet women they want to get to know better, they might spend on presents, personal meetings, or send any financial help. This is legal and has nothing to do with paying for a girl. In fact, this is just like regular dating, just with the only difference—it starts online.

How long does it take to get an Asian mail order bride?

It depends, but on average, it takes up to 6 months. Sometimes less, sometimes more. What does it depend on? You and your potential partner. Are you open and determined? Or it takes longer for you to feel each other out? How long do you need to communicate online before you meet in real life? Still, because of a well-organized process and the convenience of modern dating platforms, online dating doesn’t take longer than 5-12 months.