Island Wedding: The Gayles meet halfway to marry | Lifestyle

Social media continues to be the winning combination unlocking love for couples long before the emergence of the global pandemic. Rochele Spencer and Dale Gayle first connected via Facebook over a decade ago, before meeting face-to-face a year later.

Destiny would soon see the dashing Dale offering her chance at a whirlwind romance and the ravishing Rochele, in return, designing her way into his heart.

“Our first date was magical. We went to Somerset Falls in Portland. We are both adventurous and love anything outdoors especially if it involves water so we hit it off instantly,” she explained to Island Wedding.

A few weeks later, according to Dale, the pair decided to officially embark on a relationship together. “She fits the perfect bill; petite, beautiful, smart, and has a good sense of humour.” And this was just the stellar report of his initial findings.

As time progressed, he found his precious gem to be rare and kind, supportive, and the quintessential go-getter. “From the day I met her, she has always been encouraging me to be better. She was a force in helping me find a job after I lost my first job,” he said.

Dale shared that she is also the reason that he is a university graduate, “She pushed me to apply and helped me with the application. She has nurtured our relationship by being her amazing self, always taking care of herself, me, as well as our child.”

Rochele admired his multiple talents, along with his humble, determined, jovial, and loving nature. Athletic in both football and basketball, he has overcome a great deal to achieve goals on and off the field and court.

“Gentle towards me and everyone he loves, he exudes excellence in all he does. Ever since meeting him, I’ve taken my desire to be the best to the next level. He has never given up on our love and he has been my biggest supporter in every single area of my life,” she shared.

Dating on and off for 10 years, they separated for three of those years. Finding their way back to love, Dale asked the love of his life to be his wife a year and a half later.

“I planned with her sisters and her mother for months to get the perfect ring. They had to get the ring size and the type of ring she wanted. They also helped me to get her to brunch at the Broken Plate restaurant under the guise that she was only attending a New Year’s dinner with family,” he recounted. It was there that he popped the surprise of a lifetime.

The happy fiancée expressed excitement and delight at the unexpected event, “It was beautiful! I never saw it coming at the time that it did. So I was surprised and so grateful my family was there.”

Relying on the support from her family and friends to help make the nuptial event spectacular, the wedding planning took a tragic turn when her grandmother passed away two months before the scheduled date. To add insult to injury, the venue they thought was secure had to cancel all upcoming events.

So she returned to the drawingboard. And with assistance from her trusted team of loved ones, she was able to book a new venue and sort out the decor and the works.

When it came time to say yes to the wedding dress, the fashion designer already knew that she would be the creator of her exquisite ‘I Do’ couture. “I searched for inspiration for months. I even travelled to the states to try on a few dresses. But I just couldn’t envision myself in a traditional white dress. I settled on gold and my good friend and fashion designer Soshorna Henry assisted me with the making of the dress. I also made my veil and our daughter’s flower girl dress,” she said.

On July 21, 2022, Dale And Rochele had a regal wedding at the Manchester Horticultural Society. The golden goddess stunned her specially invited guests with her curve-hugging original design as she walked up the aisle to meet the man that would become her husband.

“The wedding was everything I ever dreamed of,” she said, adding that seeing as her plans changed from beach to garden theme was the greatest silver lining. “It was so beautiful, like a chapter from a mythical storybook. It was very small and intimate, with a lot of untraditional elements. My favourite moment was when Dale shared his vows.”

Dale shared the same sentiment, noting that the wedding was perfect, “It was better than I expected and so beautiful. The best moment for me was the exchanging of vows.” Post ceremony, the elated newlyweds lymed with guests, indulging in a feast with accompanying libations and capturing priceless moments with everyone on camera.