Issa Rae Opens up About Having Children Two Months After Surprise Wedding

Issa Rae shocked fans when shared photos of her secret France wedding ceremony. The Insecure creator and star married her longtime beau, Luis Diame. Details of the ceremony remain scarce, but the wedding photos are to die for. Rae is basking in married life, but she’s not ready to start a family quite yet. 

Rae says she’s enjoying the minimal free time she has and wants to continue capitalizing on her big moment in Hollywood. In addition to Insecure, Rae is the EP of A Black Lady Sketch Show, Sweet Life: Los Angeles and is the owner of her own record label. And that’s just a few of the projects she has in the works. Rae’s also a booming actress, starring in the romance film The Photograph.

“France was something to look forward to, for sure, but I, again, really, really foolishly worked up until it, ended Insecure, then was obviously editing it, and then went to go shoot another show for a couple weeks, then went to go scout in Miami, just did everything up until that event.”

“I’m extremely happy [being married] – [But] I like my life, I like this selfishness, and I know that I have a window,” she said in a recent interview with SELF Magazine. “I’ve always felt that way, that women, Black women especially—unless you’re Viola Davis or Angela Bassett—you have a window when people are going to want to continue to see you and see what you can do. Then there are so many limitations placed upon you, and that does keep me up. I want to do as much as I can while I still can. I know it’s not the proper mentality to think that kids will slow you down, but I do feel that way.”

Rae revealed she didn’t even have proper time off to plan her wedding, let alone enjoy her new husband without the interruptions of work. “Then I did festivities in France, and that was still…it wasn’t vacation. It was still like you’re planning an event. It was fun, it was blissful, and coming back was hard. Coming back knowing that I had to go to work again and I was only out there a week was pretty devastating.”

The fifth and final season premieres on HBO on Sunday, Oct. 24. And don’t think that because Rae shared her wedding photos with her 3.3 million Instagram fans, she will still remain mum regarding the intimate details of her marriage. “There’s something really nice to have a piece of me that no one knows about or no one can talk about except for the people that are part of my life,” she said. “Self-care has been having a private piece that’s just for me.”