‘[It’s] ridiculous to call dibs on a dress’

A bride-to-be is wondering if she shouldn’t have chosen the same wedding dress as her friend.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. She and her friend are both getting married. The friend showed the Reddit poster a photo of the wedding dress she wanted. But when the Reddit poster went dress shopping, she bought her friend’s “dream” dress. Now her friend is upset.

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“I got engaged October 2021 and just started wedding planning,” the bride-to-be said. “I have a friend who got engaged December 2020 and has not started wedding planning at all. But she recently saw a wedding dress from a designer we both like and showed it to me and claimed it to be hers, despite never seeing the dress in person [and] never trying it on or purchasing it.”

“I never even thought to argue with her that she can’t claim a dress she has never seen because I didn’t think it would work for my body. But over the weekend, my mom and I went to that designer’s bridal showroom, and I ended up trying on my friend’s ‘dream’ dress on a whim because none of the other dresses I tried on were super flattering on my body.”

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The bride-to-be decided she wanted the same dress as her friend.

“As soon as I put that dress on, I knew it was the one,” she wrote. “I confided in my mom and the bridal consultant about how my friend wanted this dress, despite never seeing it in person. They both reassured me that she had unfairly put me in this situation, and I should wear the dress for my wedding if I felt good in it.”

“After a few days, I let my friend know that I had selected her dream dress, and she told me that I had ruined her wedding vision. She told me that I should have been more respectful as a friend to have not tried it on because she claimed it. A part of me finds it to be so ridiculous to call dibs on a dress they have never seen or tried on.”

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Redditors were pretty split on the issue.

“You are correct in that y’all can have the same one,” a user commented.

“There are no dibs on dresses,” a person wrote.

Other commenters were more critical of the poster’s decision. “You chose a dress over a friend,” one said.

“You’ve killed the friendship over a dress,” someone added.

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