Jammed Doors Of Church Delays Bride’s Entry At Her Wedding

The bride maintains her composure and waits to walk down the aisle.

Weddings are a fun-filled and joyful occasion. While everyone hopes for a beautiful, flawless and lovable wedding without any hiccups, sometimes that does not exactly go according to the plan. Hilarious mishaps are sure to occur which leave the guests and the couple with memories to cherish forever. One such instance took place in the Philippines when the doors of an old church jammed before the bride’s entry. 

In the funny wedding fail video, released by Viral press, event coordinators are seen dragging the doors with all their strength while the bride stands patiently. This goes on for 10 seconds. However, the planners are unsuccessful and call another person for help. All this while, the bride, identified as Ghie Anne Marie Cioco, maintains her composure and waits to walk down the aisle, unlike many others who would panic in such a situation. It is to be noted that the door took 20 seconds to unlatch. 

The video has been distributed by the Associated Press.

Wedding videographer Zye Lee believes that more photos might not have been viable, if the helpful planners weren’t there. Mr Lee stated, “It was amusing when the door almost refused to open like it didn’t want the wedding to happen. Thankfully the coordinators were there and did their best to open it. The church venue was beautiful and old.”

Despite the incident, the videographer went on to say that everything went perfectly during the wedding. “It was a successful wedding. Everyone had fun and enjoyed their special occasion,” he added. 

The incident took place on August 16, 2022 in Masbate city in the Philippines.

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