Japanese Mail Order Brides: Hot Japanese Women for Marriage

Asian women are
already fairly popular with Western men, but Japanese mail order brides have a
special status among them. Japanese brides have millions of admirers around the
world, and these three qualities make men want to meet their own bride from Japan.

beauty is ethereal

Japanese women
are considered to be the embodiment of Asian beauty, and this is not an
overstatement at all. When you imagine a gorgeous Asian woman, chances are you
are actually imagining a Japanese bride. The ivory skin, delicate facial
traits, and shiny black hair of Japanese brides made them popular all over the
world. These women are also big fans of a natural look and the farthest they
will go is some subtle makeup. The fashion sense of Japanese mail order brides
is too complex to explain in one sentence, but it’s part of their charm.

have fascinating lifestyles

When you first
meet a mail order bride from Japan, she will impress you in more ways than one.
On one hand, Japanese brides live normal lives: they study, work, go out with
friends, spend time with their families, and go on the internet to find the
things they love. However, the interests and tastes of a Japanese girl can be
very unusual and you will love every second of getting to know your bride

are sincerely looking for love

For Japanese
brides, love is as important as food and shelter. They can function normally
even when there isn’t love in their lives, but love is what inspires them and
makes them want to always get better for their partner. Japanese mail order
brides are deeply romantic and their day can instantly get brighter when they
do something nice for their loved ones. When you are with a Japanese bride, you
can rest assured the romance between you will never die.

Can You Meet A Bride From Japan?

Japan is a country that is definitely worth
visiting, but trying to meet your future wife as a tourist in Japan will be
more expensive and time-consuming than you can ever imagine. Moreover, this way
of meeting Japanese women doesn’t often work for foreigners. A much more
effective solution is to join one of the popular Japanese mail order sites. You can meet Japanese mail order brides
who fit your desired parameters and you can direct your own relationship from
the initial acquaintance to marriage.

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Qualities Of Japanese Wives That Are Irresistible To Men

Ever since online
dating has become more common, men now have more opportunities than ever to
meet Japanese women for marriage than ever before. This is why the number of
Western men who are happily married to Japanese wives continues to grow, and
these are the most appealing things about Japanese mail order wives.

understand the importance of loyalty

Japanese family
culture is built on the principles of loyalty. People there value commitment
above everything else in life. When your Japanese wife agrees to marry you and
start a family together, you can rest assured she won’t get second thoughts or
jeopardize your union in any other way. The thought of being romantically
interested in another person while being married will never even cross the mind
of a Japanese wife.

will always be on your side

Romance and
loyalty are nice things to have in a relationship or marriage, but support is
equally important, and this is where Japanese wives shine. When they are
committed to a partner, they consider him to be right in every situation.
Whether you are going through a conflict at work or face some troubles in your
family life, a Japanese wife will always be on your side with no question asked
and her support is what will keep you going.

have a smart approach to motherhood

Women in Japan
understand that children are essential to every marriage, but they also want to
bring kids into a loving family that lives comfortably and doesn’t struggle
with anything. Japanese wives are typically ready to have kids closer to 30,
which means they are not only financially comfortable enough to have children,
but also know enough about themselves, the world, and motherhood to raise happy
and healthy kids.

Are Marriages Between Japanese Brides And Foreign Men So Popular Right Now?

If you know
anything about Japan, then you also know that this is one of the most
developed, economically successful places on the planet. However, this kind of
economic success comes at a price. Namely, it’s common for Japanese men to work
for over 50 hours a week with frequent overtime. Naturally, it doesn’t leave
much time to spend with the family, which is why many Japanese brides are
disappointed in relationships with local men.

Japanese women are fascinated by life abroad and by foreign men. Some of them
know Western guys in person, and some of them only know them from the media.
However, they are strongly attracted to the appearance, personality, attitude
to women and to family, and to the smart work/life balance of Western
gentlemen. This is why so many Japanese women for marriage want to be with
foreign men.

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Guide To Being With A Japanese Woman As A Foreigner

a Japanese girl: 5 tips to help you

When you want to
marry a Japanese bride, you should understand that she will want to make sure
you are compatible first. And the most effective way to do it is through
dating. Dating a Japanese woman can be better for both parties with these 5 tips:

  • Find a creative way to impress
    her. Don’t just talk about her beauty or how smitten you are — she can already
    see it. Your job is to say something that will instantly impress her and stay
    in her memory even when you part ways after meeting for the first time.
  • Don’t go overboard with gifts.
    Your desire to impress your woman with gifts is understandable, but Japanese
    brides can hardly be excited by an expensive smartphone or gold jewelry.
    Instead, go for an inexpensive but memorable gift/
  • Both the woman and the man can
    pay. In Japanese culture, there is no strict division of roles in the
    relationship, which is why you shouldn’t insist on paying for dinner every
    time. Another possible scenario is when you pay for dinner and your date pays
    for desserts, coffee, or ice cream.
  • Prove your absolute commitment.
    One of the reasons why Japanese mail order brides are seeking foreign men is
    that they are disappointed by commitment issues in local guys. You can
    instantly maximize your chances of success if you prove yourself to be suited
    for long-term commitment.
  • Find out how she sees her perfect
    family. A strong foundation for a family is only possible when both parties
    have the same idea about being together. Talk about the way you want your
    future family to function and make sure it matches your bride’s ideas.

to impress the parents of your Japanese bride

People in Japan
are very traditional, which is why a Japanese bride will never agree to marry
you unless you meet her parents and make a solid impression on them. The most
helpful advice we can give you is to be the best version of yourself, and here
are three other things you can try to impress them.

  • Be smart about choosing your
    gifts. Obviously, you won’t go to meet your future in-laws empty-handed, but
    don’t bring them something they can get at the nearest convenience store or
    airport. Ask your bride what they would like as a gift, and if she struggles to
    tell you, get them something that is special to your home country.
  • Demonstrate your wide outlook.
    Japanese people are well-educated, have a wide range of interests, and are
    always ready to learn more about the world. Don’t let the parents of your bride
    think that you have a limited outlook or don’t have anything important in your
    life besides work.
  • Ask them questions about their
    family. A typical Japanese couple can talk about their family for hours without
    getting tired. The parents of your Japanese brides may not want to overwhelm
    you with new information about the extended family, but they will be delighted
    if you show your genuine interest.

things you will see at every wedding in Japan

  • Shinto wedding style. Buddhism may
    be a predominant religion in Japan, but most weddings in this country are held
    according to the Shinto religious tradition. The wedding is officiated by a
    Shinto priest and is held in a shrine.
  • Several wedding outfits. In a
    Japanese wedding, both the bride and the groom are expected to go through
    several outfit changes with brides possibly changing their look more times. At
    some point in the wedding, both the bride and the groom will wear a traditional
  • Nuptial cups. Japanese brides and
    grooms don’t really have a tradition of saying wedding vows. Instead, they
    drink sake from special ceremonial cups. They take three sips each from three
    cups, and then their parents do the same. This symbolizes unity and
    purification from human flaws.
  • The couple takes the stage. In
    Japanese weddings, the newlyweds are not seated at the head of the table like
    it’s usually done in the West. Instead, they sit on an elevated stage, and only
    after the wedding cake is cut, they can go and interact with the guests.
  • Cash wedding gifts. Japanese
    brides and grooms don’t typically have wedding registries and guests are not
    expected to bring material gifts. Most gifts in a Japanese wedding are usually
    cash gifts, and the guest’s name is written on the envelope as he hands over
    the present.

Asked Questions

Can you really mail order a bride
from Japan?

No, this is both illegal and violates basic
human morals. When you see anyone, including us, mention Japanese mail order
brides, it simply means the act of meeting Japanese women online, communicating
with them, and possibly even marrying one of them.

Are marriages to Japanese brides

Yes, marriages between Japanese mail order
brides and Western men are absolutely legal. However, there is one extra step
you need to take before marrying your dream Japanese bride. This step is
obtaining a K-1 visa, which is designed specifically for foreign fiancees of
American men.

How much does a Japanese bride

The whole experience of finding a bride from
Japan will cost you from $4,000 to $20,000. This price includes all the money
you will spend on a dating site, the gifts and flowers you will send to the
woman, as well as the cost of traveling to Japan to meet her.

it true that Japanese brides are more focused on work than family?

This is one of
the most common stereotypes about Japanese women but it has little to do with
reality. It’s true that women in Japan are more career-oriented than most
females in Asia, but they also have proper values. A Japanese bride will never
pay 100% attention to her career and let her relationship or family suffer
because of her absence.

an age difference matter to Japanese mail order brides?

When you first
begin dating Japanese women, you will probably be surprised to realize that
they not only don’t mind an age difference in a relationship, but actively
prefer it. Most Japanese girls are attracted to men who are at least 5 years
older, although a 10-year difference is actually preferred. This happens
because Japanese brides are mature for their age and find dating their peers to
be boring and unfulfilling.

there usually a language barrier with Japanese brides?

No, even though
the Japanese language is notoriously difficult to master, you are unlikely to
have any problems with communication when it comes to Japanese brides. These
women have a huge interest in Western culture, which is why their level of
English typically ranges from intermediate to advanced and you will understand
each other perfectly.