Jason Momoa (accidentally) turns up at Auckland wedding


Aquaman star Jason Momoa missed a hell of a party at an Auckland pub, when he turned up at Sebastian van der Zwan and Dr Gavin Lear’s wedding – but then walked away.

Van der Zwan, editor of Woman’s Day, said during the event at The Cav in Ponsonby, he heard that Jason Momoa was outside but could not get in.

A few drinks in by that point, van der Zwan said he went outside and confirmed the Aquaman star, with his entourage were outside.

“A few people from my wedding came outside after me and were screeching, as people at weddings tend to do, ‘Jason Momoa! Jason Momoa!’” he laughed.

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“His people were giving us hand signals to say ‘absolutely do not approach, shut the f… up’,” he said.

“They didn’t say that, but those were the very clear hand signals we were being given.”

Momoa is in New Zealand for his new Apple TV+ series, Chief of War, a true-life chronicle of a warrior chief caught up in the colonisation of Hawaii in the late 1700s.

While Momoa’s team had been turned away by signs advertising a private event, van der Zwan said the venue staff approached him to check if he wanted the actor to come inside during the celebrations.

“I was like absolutely yes, but I think by then we’d missed our chance.”

It is likely Momoa was not trying to get into van der Zwan’s wedding and instead was simply trying to find a nice pub (and van der Zwan says confirm The Cav is “a very nice pub”).

Sebastian van der Zwan (left) and new husband Gavin Lear (right) almost had Jason Momoa at their wedding on Saturday, but the actor was turned away at the door.


Sebastian van der Zwan (left) and new husband Gavin Lear (right) almost had Jason Momoa at their wedding on Saturday, but the actor was turned away at the door.

But with the wedding including a performance from True Bliss, the Woman’s Day Team performing a Spice Girls act and Suzanne Paul in attendance, the US actor missed “a great show”.

As for van der Zwan’s wedding itself, holding it the day after Auckland had been devastated by unprecedented floods was a bit of a concern, but “the sun came out, and we managed to catch a few rays on the balcony”, and the day was a great success.

“If you’re reading this, Jason Momoa, please know you would have been welcome, it was a very friendly bunch,” van der Zwan said.

“There was someone saying it could have been turned into a double wedding, and [offered to marry] Jason Momoa. And we would have been down with that.”

A staff member from The Cav said they had a sign saying it was a private event, and assumed Momoa left due to that. “I just saw the back of his head”.

The Hollywood heavyweight was also out dining with a group of Kiwi mates, including ex-All Black captain Tana Umaga, in the private room at Nic Watt’s contemporary Japanese restaurant MASU, in Auckland, recently.