Jennifer Lopez dresses as a bride, is she preparing for her wedding? – CVBJ

Jennifer Lopez dresses as a bride and her fans get excited | AP

The singer and interpreter of “On The Floor” Jennifer Lopez has shown once again with a beautiful wedding dress, many of her fans believed that she was preparing for her wedding with Ben affleck Is it true?

Since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck returned to being a couple after 17 years apart, their fans in addition to reviving the nickname “Bennifer”, immediately began to think about seeing him together already married, as their plans were before ending in 2004.

The couple of famous Hollywood celebrities is one of the most loved and admired in the middle, for that reason of the emotion of seeing them together again, since being next to each other their faces light up.

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It was on his social networks where he shared content in which he was wearing a beautiful wedding dress, recently he made it public.

However, far from being excited about a wedding with Ben Affleck, his fans realized that it was to promote his new film in which he will appear starring alongside Owen Wilson, in this new film the Colombian singer Maluma will also appear.

Jennifer Lopez dresses as a bride and her fans get excited | AP

The title of the film is “Marry Me”, the plot talks about a pop music singer like her, who after discovering an infidelity by her partner in revenge decides to marry a complete stranger.


Two days ago Jennifer Lopez She shared part of the trailer on her official Instagram account, although the official, as she mentioned, will be released in a day, this Thursday, November 18.

Apparently the video has liked its fans a lot, at the moment it already has more than 600 thousand reproductions and although some were disappointed to think that it was Ben Affleck with whom she would marry, the emotion of seeing her in a new movie is the same exciting.

On more than one occasion we have seen Jennifer Lopez in cinematographic films related to a wedding, where she has been the protagonist, each of them has become a success, in fact with The Weeding Planer she won a Guinness record.

This record shows that he managed to have both a film and an album in the first places during the first weeks of his releases, which apparently were simultaneous, this was surely awarded in 2001, the year they were released.