Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel Star

Sure, you’ve seen J.Lo do rom-coms. But you haven’t seen her fight hostage-taking pirates in a wedding dress — at least until you click play on the trailer for Shotgun Wedding. Jennifer Lopez’s latest finds her about to marry a very handsome Josh Duhamel (and into a lifetime of pestering from his mother, played by Jennifer Coolidge) when pirates take guests hostage at their island wedding and the couple has to save them. In the trailer, Lopez zip-lines, throws a grenade, and, yes, shoots a shotgun, all in her wedding dress, leaving us to wonder what other action could be packed into this film. There’s even an awesomely tongue-in-cheek placement of Eddin McCain’s wedding classic “I’ll Be.” Shotgun Wedding is J.Lo’s next in a string of rom-coms, after she starred in Marry Me alongside Owen Wilson earlier this year and lived her own real-life rom-com with Ben Affleck (and yes, it is a comedy). Shotgun Wedding hits Prime Video on January 23, 2023 — you just have to survive the rest of wedding season first.