Jennifer Lopez’s New Movie Shotgun Wedding To Release On OTT On THIS Date

It may be a little absurd that a wedding day is spoiled by a group of pirates. Actress and Singer Jennifer Lopez is about to be seen in an action yet comical movie Shotgun Wedding that is set to be released on Prime video on 28 December 2022.

The story goes this way Darcy and Tom are about to get married on an island. Everything is done; the arrangements, dress, and guests everything is done. On the day of the wedding, the whole family and guests are captivated and everything is spoiled. Darcy and Tom somehow escape and now they have to rescue everybody along with their beautiful day.

The movie goes on with lots of humor, drama, and action; with Jennifer Coolidge, the movie is going to be filled with laughing gigs.

Prime Video released the trailer for Shotgun Wedding in October. The trailer introduces us to the beautiful couple from the film, Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel), who is about to have the island wedding of their dreams. Of course, no special day is complete without the couple’s eccentric families, a handsome ex on the guest list, and cold feet, but it’s probably just butterflies.

Things take a turn, when a group of dangerous pirates shows up uninvited, hijack the wedding procession and wreak havoc. However, Darcy and Tom are not going down without a fight.

From carrying a live grenade through the dense forest to firing a shotgun from the roof of their car, the couple must hold hands to save their loved ones before it’s too late.
A second trailer or goes by the name, “a holiday cut,” was released on December 7, giving us another look at all the profanity, laughter, and violence that Shotgun Wedding promises to be full of.

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