Jeweller Temple & Grace launch ‘try before you buy’ wedding ring service for brides and grooms in Australia

Brides-to-be – and their betrothed – have been thrown a lifeline thanks to a new wedding band service that lets them wear a selection of rings at home before they make a purchase.

It’s a unique ‘try before you buy’ privilege that takes the pressure out of that all-important decision that often results in young Australians parting with thousands.

Jewellers Temple & Grace launched the complimentary service to allow stressed wedding planners the breathing space to consider rings within the context of their everyday lives, easing the pressure of feeling ‘put on the spot’ in the jewellery store.

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“We’re excited to officially launch our at-home trial service which aligns with our vision of continuing to provide customers with personalised, focused service, no matter where they are,” said Temple & Grace’s co-founder Anand Keswani.

Temple & Grace launches new ‘home trial’ wedding rings. Credit: Instagram/ templeandgrace

“Customers now have the choice of visiting one of our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms in person, booking a virtual tour, browsing our website or having the product delivered safely and directly to their door.”

There’s no obligation to buy and, even better, in a nationwide first, the company is also offering 365 free and easy returns.

Satisfied customers, who had a taste of the ‘home trial’ service during COVID lockdowns, are raving about the benefits.

“We were looking at purchasing our wedding bands during lockdown, however Twisha assisted us with home trial rings which made the experience seem less stressful for us,” wrote one customer on Instagram.

“We could not be happier with our gorgeous bands!”

Just some of the ring choices. Credit: Instagram/ templeandgrace

Others have recommended the jeweller for its unique ability to get them out of pre-wedding day scrapes, including getting custom rings delivered in record time for “last minute” ceremonies.

Temple & Grace reps have even arrived on fretting couples’ doorsteps personally, to present rings when rings they may have originally purchased no longer fit or have been lost.

“I got a custom ring made from meteorite which takes a few weeks to be made,” one newlywed wrote in his review.

“During that time, I hammered the gym and actually lost so much weight that when the ring arrived (it no longer fit) my fingers.

“We freaked out, naturally, but cool calm Twisha simply organised another one to be made right away (as the meteorite rings can’t be resized) and the new ring turned up in time for our wedding.”

To trial the at-home ring service for yourself, or admire the myriad stunning decisions, visit the online shop.

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