Jhevaughn and Shannief’s wedding doubles as gender reveal | Lifestyle

From the moment Jhevaughn Thompson laid eyes on the beautiful Shannief Belto it was love at first sight. His affections date back to Sunday school. And although she didn’t return his feelings then, Jhevaughn, who grew up to become a soldier, was never phased by the challenge. In fact, he was honoured to have the chance to win over Shannief’s heart.

“My husband and I lived in the same community, and he was trying to get me for years, from Sunday-school days. He was a soldier, so you know how we females think about soldiers. But I knew him before then, and I know all about his background. I had mixed feelings. However, I chanced it, and here I am today, his wife,” Shannief told Island Wedding.

Despite denying him several opportunities to woo her on a date several times, a shy Shannief decided to give it a go. Admittedly, the occasion presented an unexpected butterfly effect. The pair saw a beautiful vision together, making the relationship official on July 24, 2020.

Jhevaughn always found Shannief to be a beautiful woman, but as he got to know her further, he was amazed by how adventurous, faithful, honest and trustworthy she was.

“She always makes sure I am okay, going the extra mile for me. She’s also fun, and that always makes the relationship spicy and memorable. Not one to repeat an experience, she is an explorer, so we’re always going out on dinner dates, going to the beach, staying at hotels, having games night and making each other happy,” he explained further.

Declaring that her partner is humble, attentive, compassionate, patient and loving, Shannief is happy that Jhevaughn was able to show her that not all men are the same.

“I always had a wall up, ready for any obstacles, but he has shown me how to overcome personal fears, and has given me reassurance. The first time I saw him cry to me, expressing his love and happiness and appreciating the same that I am giving him, I knew he was the one,” she added.

After courting for a year, Jhevaughn asked Shannief, the love of his life, if she would do him the honour of being his wife. On her birthday, he gathered all of her friends, and some of his, at a location of his choosing.

“I told her we have a dinner reservation. When we got there, we both walked hand-in-hand under a cabana for dinner. She was surprised to see her friends. Her cousin suddenly began lighting up the floor, and that’s when I got down on my knees and asked if she would marry me,”

Her cousin and wedding planner, Nyika Taylor, took over that aspect of the nuptials with her team, ensuring that it was smooth sailing from concept to ‘I do’. As it related to the wedding dress, the bride-to-be couldn’t help but say yes to a fabulous dress from Unions Bridal Boutique.

“Selecting my bridal dress was so much fun. The owner, Chardonnay, was so welcoming. She took the time to hear me out; she is a great listener, and she provided options, since I didn’t have a specific design in mind,” she disclosed.

On October 29, before God and in the elegant presence of specially invited guests, Shannief and Jhevaughn tied the knot at Laughing Waters in Ocho Rios, St Ann. The event was royal at its core, reflected in the nuptial pageantry in magnificent colours, lush design and rich love on display.

“My eyes were flooded by joyful tears,” Jhevaughn reflected. With minds, hearts and souls in sync, the newly-weds shared similar sentiments of having a wedding that was not only spectacular, but one that went without a hitch.

The two also shared moments that only added to the wedded euphoria: indulging in a cloud-nine first dance as husband and wife to I’d Rather by Luther Vandross, as well as the highly anticipated gender reveal of the bundle of joy coming soon.