Kate Middleton’s Most Popular Lazy Day Designer Jeans

As spotted by People, Kate Middleton has been seen to wear the same pair of jeans on at least three occasions. The jeans in question are dubbed the Favourite Cut Jeans and are by cool and classic brand & Other Stories. The brand has three ateliers, based in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles, and prides itself on its “curated serendipity” (via & Other Stories). The jeans themselves come in a few shades of denim, including the pale blue color seen on the Duchess of Cambridge. They offer “a high waist, a full-length slim leg, and comfort stretch.” With these features, it’s easy to see how the Duchess would love them, as royal duties can be tiring and time-consuming. 

Moreover, the Favourite Cut Jeans appear to toe the line between being comfortable and looking good. They are also much less pricey than you might have anticipated at $99. Even better, the buttons and zipper have been sourced sustainably, making them the perfect choice for the Duchess who has often re-worn her clothes to help promote sustainability. If you’re looking for style inspiration on your new purchase, a fan blog dedicated to Kate Middleton’s outfits (via Kate Middleton Style) goes into more detail on how the Duchess wore the coveted jeans on different occasions.