Katie Couric Reveals The Unique Feature On Her Mother Of The Bride Dress

Katie Couric was a glowing mother-of-the-bride at her daughter’s wedding, sporting a baby pink, princess-style strapless Marchesa dress with beautiful embroidered greenery details flowing down the skirt. But Couric’s favorite element of the dress? The pockets, of course! 

On her Instagram Story, Couric took a snapchat of her wearing the dress smiling ear to ear with the caption, “And it has pockets!!!!!” which she paired with a smiley face emoji (via the Daily Mail). Twitter users absolutely gushed over the dress, as well, with one user tweeting, “I loved your pink dress with the pockets. It was lovely.” Another fan wrote, “She’s gorgeous and your dress with pockets was fabulous!!!”

There’s something about pockets in a dress that just makes it better. According to Marian Keys per the Irish Times, “Pockets give me confidence and swagger. Instead of sliding meekly into a room of strangers, my knuckles white around a clutch bag, I can stick both my hands into my dress pockets, arms akimbo, thus taking up more space in the world.”

Couric couldn’t help but gush over her daughter too, of course, calling her “absolutely radiant,” as a bride, per People.