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You’ve asked and we’ve answered! Welcome to your weekly column ‘Planning Your Happily Ever After’ with wedding consultant Shikima Hinds.

Oftentimes, the greenery used in an arrangement of flowers gets overlooked, taking a back seat to beautiful blooms. They certainly can be deemed the supporting characters to the main attraction, but without them, some floral arrangements just wouldn’t be the same.

Greenery provides a soothing, neutral backdrop for the flowers to shine and the interesting shapes and textures add to the overall look of the arrangement. Today, I’m spotlighting not only the greenery typically used in floral arrangements but also the difference in the look.


With long stems lined with glossy leaves in a pretty, mid-tone green, myrtle is a popular choice for many floral designers. Using multiple stems creates a lush, thick foliage that looks great in centrepieces. Myrtle symbolises love, luck, and prosperity which is why it is often used in weddings.

Seeded Eucalyptus

Probably one of the most in-demand greens for international brides, this greenery features a dusty green almond-shaped leaf with clusters of small seeds. It pairs perfectly with virtually any flower, and the seeds make it a great way to add texture to an arrangement.


This vine is easily recognised by its pointed leaves and long, cascading stems. The leaves fall elegantly from the main stem, making them perfect for creating flow and wrapping around or cascading down centrepieces and floral bouquets. It looks fabulous for creating a romantic or more rustic look depending on what you pair it with! Also, ivy has a long lifespan.

Israeli Ruscus

These soft almond-shaped leaves are spread along the entire stem, making them a great green to fill up space. They have very “green” leaves and instantly freshen any floral piece.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Named after its round leaves that resemble silver dollars, its matte, bluish-grey colour pairs nicely with whites and pastels. The silver dollar eucalyptus adds interest and circular shape to an arrangement. The long, thin stem renders the silver dollar eucalyptus pliable and easy to wrap. This is another popular pick by brides especially because of its cascading stems.


Woody stems and structured leaves make this greenery perfect for a rustic wedding. Most of the leaves are clustered at the top, so they’re easy to prep and look great in foam centrepieces.

Leather Leaf Fern

If you’ve ever got flowers from a florist, chances are you’ve seen this greenery. It’s thicker and more lush-looking than other types of greenery; the leatherleaf fern branches out to create a wide triangular shape made up of many small leaflets. It’s a true green that looks great with any flower and is one of the most cost-effective options! This particular greenery is great for adding body to a floral arrangement.

Tree Fern (Plumosus Fern)

With a tuft of plumage sprouting from its top, the tree fern adds a touch of softness, wispiness, and fun to any arrangement. It’s most often used in boutonnieres and corsages. This easy and adaptable greenery also works well in floral arrangements, providing texture and allure. Because of its short stems, it’s best used in a small bouquet or bud vase.


This houseplant/ greenery is much loved in tropical floral designs. They are so popular, that you’ll see the monstera leaves beyond floral arrangements; for example, as accent piece installations and even as placemats. Be warned that due to its size and sturdiness it can be a bit tricky to work with

Palm Leaves

Tropical palms for all types of designs such as table runners, large scale arrangements, pergolas, and bouquets! The palm’s greenery is hardy and amazing to work with. It also makes a formidable statement as stand-alone greenery in a vase.


Seeded Eucalyptus.

Israeli Ruscus.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.

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