Kourtney Kardashian Almost Didn’t End Up With Travis Barker

Best known for their highly popular reality TV show that launched in 2007, the Kardashian family has since achieved worldwide fame and domination after rising to fame. Over the years, fans have been given an exclusive glimpse into the lives of the chaotic family, with each drama-filled episode leaving fans salivating for more. Still to this day, fans just can’t get enough.

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In 2022, the family launched their new reality show on Hulu, marking a new era for the family of Hollywood socialites. While the show has received mixed reviews from fans, there are still many who enjoy it. More notably, fans have been once again given a glimpse inside the lives of the family, in particular, the blossoming relationship between Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, who have been attracting much media attention since becoming Instagram official.

Kourtney And Travis Have Known Each Other For A Long Time

While their relationship is seemingly new and fresh, many fans are unaware that the pair actually date back an incredibly long time, having initially met in 2006. This is a whole fifteen years before the pair made things official.

Travis, who is best known for being the drummer of the rock band Blink-182, met Kourtney through the same social circle. At the time he was dating Paris Hilton, who was also friends with Kim.

This meant that the drummer already knew Kourtney, even if they weren’t the closest of friends at the time.

However, fast-forward to 2015 following Kourtney’s split from Scott Disick, and the pair had begun to spend more and more time together.

In 2017, Travis even moved to the same gated community as Kourtney in LA, a move which allowed the pair to become even closer, even having dinner at each other’s houses.

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It was also during this time period that Kourtney dated a much younger model named Younes Bendjima, which signals that she and Travis were perhaps still just friends at this point.

They Officially Started Dating In 2021

Fans had been speculating for quite some time that the two lovebirds may in fact be together after a long string of publicly flirtatious comments has been left between the two on Instagram. However, after months of following the trails of breadcrumbs that the two left in their wake online, fans were finally met with an answer.

In 2021, the pair officially confirmed their relationship with a romantic post, finally unveiling to fans what they’d all been waiting for. Rather than showing their faces, the pair kept it subtle, posting a romantic snap of the two holding hands.

Since then, their relationship seems to have gone from strength to strength. Fans have been given a good eyeball at their love for one another, with episodes in the first season of The Kardashians often packed full of PDA and loved-up scenes between the pair.

Many fans have noted throughout the season how happy Kourtney seems, with many seeming thankful that she is now happy. However, despite their relationship only being confirmed in 2021, the pair have already taken things to the next level.

In 2022, the pair tied the knot, showcasing their gothic themed wedding to the world, which reportedly cost an estimated $3.5 million dollars. The flashy wedding was widely documented online, with both fans and the media sharing their take on the family’s outfits and the theme of the wedding.

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Despite the pair now being married, the pair reportedly don’t live together — yet. This seems to be something that the pair are considering for the future, seeing as they live so close to one another.

Kourtney Was Once Scared By The Idea Of Being With Travis Barker

Despite their relationship seemingly being all roses and flowers, there was actually once reportedly a time when Kourtney felt afraid to be more than friends with Travis.

During an episode of the “Not Skinny but Not Fat” podcast, Kourtney openly discussed her relationship with the famous drummer, saying, “I think I was afraid of anything that could be real.” She added that she was once afraid of Travis “trying to kiss her or hold her hand.”

Explaining the reasoning behind her apprehensiveness, she added: “I had such a guard up for so many years, and I just think it was too real. And then friends almost kept saying it again, kept saying it again.”

So, while they now have an extremely loved-up relationship, it would also explain why it took so long for the pair to eventually get together, and instead, building a friendship first.

It seems Kourtney’s hesitation was also a blessing in disguise, as it seems to of allowed the couple to form a solid friendship as a base for their thriving relationship.