Kris Bernal tells the story behind her gorgeous wedding gown by Mak Tumang

Kris Bernal became Mrs. Choi while looking like the most beautiful princess on her wedding.

A day after the couple’s special day, Kris shared the story behind her royalty-like bridal gown made by fashion designer Mak Tumang on Instagram.

Kris said it only took her “four visits to the Mak Tumang’s studio and viola!”

“They got the bridal gown that suits me perfectly and even went far beyond my expectations,” Kris wrote in the caption.

“No adjustments were further made on the gown’s sizes, aside from the final shoes that I wore to adjust my height,” she added.


Kris said the renowned fashion designer also took the time to ensure that her wedding gown would best fit her characteristics and persona.

“When they asked me about the design and style, I told him that he may take the lead because I trust his taste and expertise. I know that he will create a gown that would express my style,” she said.

“During my last fitting, he told me that the gown represents my personality as someone who’s playful and bubbly,” she added.

Kris’ hair and makeup for the wedding were the masterpieces of Bianca Vergara and Carissa Medved.

The bride revealed that she would wear a Mak Tumang creation days ahead of the special day.

Before finally tying the knot on Saturday, Kris previously revealed that she and Perry moved the wedding date at least three times since they got engaged in February 2020.

—Franchesca Viernes/MGP/JAB, GMA News