L.A. Weekly’s 710 Box Is Badder Than Ever

710 is a true cannabis-lover’s holiday. Why? Because it spells “OIL” when flipped backwards and upside down. Cannabis oil and all its sticky, sweet byproduct are what this day is all about. Looking through new products and massive deals, we’ve made it our mission to round up some of the standouts this year. 

From badder to sauce, resin to flower and even edibles, our 710 Box is full of all the goodies that cannabis lovers want and need. Check out our product list below to see your favorites and to discover new goodies you didn’t know you needed! 

ABX Live provides fresh Live Resin in seasonally-appropriate strains and flavors. They successfullycapture the essence of each season’s flower harvest and deliver it to you in award-winning farm-to-vape formulations. ABX is made by cannabis tastemakers, for cannabis tastemakers. For a true-to-flower cannabis experience, try one of their season highlights!

From ABX Live you’ll find select strains from master breeders, lifetime cultivators and award-winning formulators that will provide a full-spectrum, robust cannabinoid and terpene profile in the form of concentrates, pods and cartridges.


Boston Hempire offers high quality hemp flower and CBD wellness products.

One of their most pop

ular products is their Night Train CBD Gummies. With multiple five-star reviews, new and loyal customers alike are big fans of the wellness effects of these edibles. Made with melatonin, Boston Hempire’s Night Train CBD Gummies pack a relaxing punch and contain no THC.

“I’ve dealt with insomnia off and on over the years and tried several different options from medication to CBD to holistic remedies,” states one review. “A friend sent me a sample of these and it is now my go-to for those restless nights.”






Airgraft’s members only website supplies dedicated cannabis enthusiasts with up to 50% off on the best vape pods from the brands they love. Only $10 a month, it’s a risk-free service that allows you to cancel at any time. The membership price basically pays for itself after your first purchase!

Their technology serves cleaner, better tasting vapor in pods that are food safe, and last up to 40% longer than other cartridges. New extracts are added monthly for you to discover and enjoy.

One of our favorite Airgraft pods is the Orange Cream Soda by Bear Labs. A 1g hybrid Live Resin with 81% THC and 1% Terps, it provides a happy and chill vibe that is perfect for summer.


Connected Cannabis Co. is the home of designer weed. Their 100% Live Resin All-in-One Disposables are an awesome product that can be enjoyed by cannabis novices and experts alike. Each pen contains flower, meaning they are much more potent than traditional carts on the market. Each hit is an authentic representation of the true strain compounds, with cannabinoids and terpenes that are never separated, and absolutely nothing additional ever added.

It’s discreet and convenient – the same size as a lighter – with no bullsh*t additives, separating oils, or fake flavors. Pair with Alien Labs resin and you’re in for a treat! Alien Labs takes fresh frozen flowers and turns them into an incredible 100% full spectrum Live Resin to be enjoyed in their disposable pod-style vape pen. The first hit feels like a hug from the mother plant herself as you breathe in all the benefits of this natural resin.


When it comes to tasty treats, Emerald Sky Edibles takes the cake…or cookie.

Emerald Sky makes cannabis elevated into delicious confections. We are big fans of their Crème Filled Chocolate Cookies – infused with 10mg of famed Northern California Cannabis – or their overwhelmingly popular Peanut Butter Cups – available in 5 and 10MG doses of flavorless Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid cannabis.

Emerald Sky’s all-natural cannabis-infused edibles are 100% pesticide free without any artificial flavors or colors. You can find them in 400 dispensaries throughout California.

Kratom is a pretty incredible natural wellness alternative. In the same family as the coffee tree, the Kratom tree is indigenious to Southeast Asia – found in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. It is purported to provide pain relief, euphoria, and increased energy.

Pure Kratom is a trusted online vendor that sources their kratom from trusted partners. Able to be digested in powder form or via pill, their Kratom capsules are the easiest to ingest on the go and for users who can’t handle the taste.

Like cannabis, kratom comes in many different strains, intended for different uses and after effects.

Visit purekratom.com to learn more about this magical plant!

Savage offshoot Delta Effex makes some great Delta 8 and 10 products. In this year’s 710 box, we’ve included their Wedding Cake premium Delta 10 THC disposable device to help you reach the highest of your highs.

A popular hybrid strain, Wedding Cake is Indica dominant, which means you’ll be feeling cool and collected after taking a rip. Created by crossing Triangle Kush and Animal Cookies, Wedding Cake is a go-to for taking the edge off.

“Where Delta Effex surpasses the competition is the little amount of extra ingredients we use,” explains the company. “Sourcing only the best Delta 10 Distillate we then take the cleanest terpenes and infuse them to bring you products that will not disappoint. All of our Delta 10 products are lab tested for quality both in the raw form and in the finished product.”

The Vista Series Vape Pen Battery by Vessel is a sleek and elegant way to enjoy 510 thread cartridges. Featuring a protected, cartridge drop-in design, this rechargeable battery comes with four power settings to make sure you get the exact hit experience you want.

Vessel is a community-led, Korean-American-owned company offering a beautiful line of cannabis accessories. Made with premium materials and finishes, Vessel batteries power any oil in style with details including optimized airflow technology, extra-long battery life and low temperature settings. Using 3D printing, each pen was designed to have the most ergonomic fit for the widest range of hand shapes & sizes possible.

The Vista is currently only $34 with 710 discount, and comes in a variety of colors: Black, Crimson, Seafoam, Olive, Electric Blue, Aubergine and the BRAND-NEW Coral.


“[Our purpose is] promoting social equity by increasing minority participation in the cannabis

industry,” explains the company. “Positively impacting communities by reinvesting into the most affected by the war on drugs. One community at a time. One flower at a time.”

As expert cultivators with over a decade of experience in producing premium indoor flower, the strains they curate are consistent, aromatic, smooth and unique. You can enjoy their harvest as flower, pre-roll or concentrate.

One of their most popular products is their Papaya Live Resin. A VIOLA Extract signature strain, this dab is intense and delicious.