‘La Brea’ Recap: Season 2 Episode 11 & 12 — Wedding, Two Deaths

Lots happened on La Brea this Tuesday night, as Season 2 barreled ahead with another double-pump of episodes (ahead of next week’s double-episode finale night). Let’s see if we can boil it all down….

WEDDING CRASHERS | Season 2, Episode 11 revolved around Ty and Paara’s wedding and the extremely amusing notion — thank God Natalie Zea gave TVLine readers a heads up! — that the Hollywood wardrobe truck that fell through the La Brea sinkhole contained enough snazzy, perfectly fitting clothes (and footwear!) for everybody from the Clearing to wear to the soiree. It was pretty amazing, really.

The wedding itself went off without a hitch, but at the Endor-like reception afterwards, there was much drama — namely because Levi had started acting twitchy in his mission to kill James. Eve thwarted his first murder attempt, by intercepting a cup of poisoned, um, fermented corn, after which she came clean to Gavin about Levi’s agenda. Levi then disappeared from the party, while a recently assaulted Silas stumbled into the fort and warned everyone of a very different threat.


Silas was too late, though. Eve found James inside a hut next to a very dead, bloodied Caroline — though it appears that Gavin’s mom was not killed by her estranged husband but by the Lazarus Tower’s Kira and her men, as part of a coup. Eve tried to sound the alarm and get the fort gate shut before Kira got out, but the icy blonde held newlywed Ty at gunpoint until she could leave safely.

Side Notes: Lucas took Veronica to a hot tub spring to distract her from thoughts about Aaron and the odd Bible verses he had jotted down in Dr. Moore’s journal; later, Veronica deduced that the Bible verses translated into longitude and latitude coordinates — but for what?… Josh and Riley had a fight about something, after which Sam nudged the lad to make things right with his daughter… and Scott felt uneasy about being seen as a local hero for killing Taamet last week.

La Brea Wasp SwarmWHAT’S THE BUZZ? | Episode 12 got everyone back into their regular Clearing clothes in time for many of them to be suddenly attacked by a swam of giant killer wasps that had been hibernating in nests below ground.

Elsewhere, after a seemingly heartfelt detente at the wedding reception, James contacted a trustworthy inside man at Lazarus to get him, Gavin, Eve and Ty into the tower — to, among other things, get Ty back on his cancer-curing meds. Little did they know, Levi secretly followed them inside toting a backpack full of C4, after he rudely KO’d a nosy Sam.

La Brea Lazarus ExplodesWith the tower largely evacuated — due to, wait for it, Kira’s enhanced security protocols accidentally setting loose some wild animals from their preserve! — James sent Ty and Gavin to manually seal hallway doors while he regained access to the computer system. In his travels, Gavin spotted Levi rigging the place with explosives, and begged him to stop. An unhinged Levi disclosed that he not only lost his 1990s wife to James and all this portal nonsense, but a daughter, too.

Back at the Clearing, Scott, Riley and Veronica were huddled safely in a car when they spotted an unconscious Ella across the way, dying from a wasp sting. They first plotted to get to the bus and find an EpiPen to save Ella. They then flooded the underground wasp nests with soapy water, after which Veronica sprinted to Ella. Alas, Veronica 1) stepped wrong and unleashed a swarm of wasps, and 2) she dropped the EpiPen, she realized too late! Scott jerry-rigged a protective suit and loaded a Super Soaker with oil to create an ersatz flamethrower that warded off the wasps, while Riley raced the EpiPen to Veronica. Alas (again), they all then realized that Veronica, too, had been stung. And there’s only one EpiPen. After a few rounds of, “You take it!” “No, you take it!,” it was agreed that Veronica’s life would be saved.

At the Lazarus Tower, things got weird when Eve observed that James clearly wasn’t concerned about Gavin safely navigating the sabre-toothed tigers-infested halls. She then glimpsed his monitor and saw that he was booting up Project Blue Moon, which would take him back to when Gavin was just a kid. He was ready to trade Gavin’s family/life with Eve for the chance get back all that he had lost. A fight broke out, with James lobbing Eve across a sofa, and her putting a blade to his neck. But James gained the upper hand when he smashed a crystal decanter on Eve’s head. As he slithered away, we saw her start to come to….

Meanwhile in the portal room, a gun-waving Levi ordered Kira to direct all auxiliary power to the portal, which he had circled with explosives. Gavin and Ty showed up and begged him to stand down, but it was an arriving Izzy — wielding an old yarn about how Levi stood by her side after she lost her leg — who managed to talk him off the ledge. Thing is, when Levi went to switch off the countdown timer, he instead accidentally sped it up! The foursome then raced for the exit as Lazarus spectacularly blew up!


What did you think of this week’s La Brea double pump?