La Femme En Noir Releases Tim Burton’s CORPSE BRIDE™ Collection

We are swooning over the latest collection from LA-based gothic-style fashion house, La Femme en Noir. Co-founders Micheline Pitt and Lynh Haaga just launched their all-new, officially licensed Corpse Bride-inspired collection of clothing and accessories featuring maxi dresses, babydoll dresses, headbands, handbags, barrettes, blazers, vests, and more inspired by the characters in Tim Burton’s whimsical, stop-motion film. Take a look below for a peek at the collection, a fusion of decades resulting in a take that is both timeless and vintage, and read about some of the inspiration for the latest line from creators Pitt and Haaga.

“Victorian fashion, fog-shrouded cemeteries, and supernatural romance… What film would be better suited for La Femme en Noir’s aesthetic? Tim Burton’s vision dovetails with our design ethos in many ways,” says La Femme en Noir co-founder and designer Lynh Haaga, “so we jumped at the chance to dive into his visual world. Corpse Bride is beloved by animation fans, gothic style enthusiasts, and anyone with a bit of dark romance in their heart – we count ourselves among those people. Emily is playful, ethereal and magical, so we really leaned into her image and style for the dresses and accessories. But the character of Victor is simply too fashion-forward and era-specific to ignore, so we created a fun take on his classic finery. We’re excited to bring these new designs to our loyal fanbase.”


“Tim Burton has always beautifully and meticulously created unique worlds and characters for his films, his Corpse Bride is no different,” continues La Femme en Noir co-founder and designer Micheline Pitt. “The collection of engaging characters in this dark gothic romance of stop-motion beauty brought to life the most unique collection for La Femme en Noir. Using the color palettes, art pieces and other elements from the characters we took the Victorian era costume designs and modernized them. Melding the 1800’s with elements from the 1930’s, and 1960’s we wanted to make pieces that felt timeless yet vintage. Emily the Corpse Bride was truly the main focal point of the collection. We wanted to capture her beauty and personality with the smallest of details. Be it the moment Emily bursts into butterflies at the end of the film, or her gorgeous wedding dress, to her face itself as a beautiful vegan bag. We hope new and old fans of the film will enjoy this collection of high-end pieces for many years to come.”


“Dearly beloved, and departed” visit the official La Femme en Noir website to view the entire collection.