Laura Byrne’s wedding dress and wedding day details.

It was jam-packed with insights into how the wedding planning journey went for them (tackling postponements through COVID), how they tried (and failed) to keep their wedding a secret from the paparazzi and even a few details about whether they ‘consummated the marriage’ on their wedding night.

Here are the six biggest learnings from the podcast episode all about Matty J and Laura’s big day.

Laura Byrne’s wedding dress drama.

It turns out Laura Byrne very nearly had a very different wedding dress. She was contacted by a brand following her engagement where she was offered a free dress on loan, with the view that there would be content she’d contractually have to share of the gown.

“A very, very, very famous wedding dress designer reached out to me and said they wanted to make me a wedding dress. Their wedding dresses were so expensive, like $20,000. The arrangement was that they would make a dress for me to wear to the ceremony and then I had to get something else for the reception – and it was a loan. 

“Like, I had to give the dress back after the wedding – which I was fine with!”

On the podcast, Laura explained that when she went for the first consultation with the brand – which she didn’t name throughout the episode – they had already designed an entire dress.

“It was high neck, long-sleeved, very regal dress – like something I would imagine Kate Middleton wearing,” she explained on the pod. 

She then requested tweaks to be made to the sketches, to fit her vision for what she’d feel comfortable in on the day, which the designer did… But then things got a little awkward.

“It all felt very business-transactional. I got there and it was like ‘this is the dress, this is how many posts you need to put on Instagram, this is how much advertising we expect out of it’. My wedding was becoming something I didn’t want it to be.”