Lele Pons shares a look into her and Guaynaa’s upcoming wedding

Lele Pons and Guaynaa enjoyed Christmas with the family, and went straight back into planning their wedding, which will take place this year! Taking advantage of the start of the new year, the artist started the delicate task of assigning guests to their respective seats and tables for the reception. From the looks of the color coaded map, it is going to be a huge wedding, with hundreds of guests distributed across 24 tables. Lucky for them, there will be two bars.


©@lelepons“Haciendo las mesas para mi boda”, escribió Lele junto a esta foto

One of the first confirmed guests for the wedding is Juanpa Zurita, who is one of Pons’ greatest friends. Zurita will be accompanied by his beautiful wife, actress and model, Macarena Achaga. 

Pons, who had her wedding dress made in Paris, was eager to show them their special table, and she facetimed them once she was done her with her map. The funny bride-to-be shared a screenshot of the call, writing: “Showing Juanpa Zurita and Macarena Achaga their seats.”


Juanpa Zurita y Macarena Achaga©@juanpazuritaJuanpa Zurita y Macarena Achaga haciendo videollamada con Lele

The exclusive wedding is going to be filled with the couples celebrity friends, incuding the bridal party. Pons’, revealed shortly after Guaynaa proposed who her bridesmaids are:Paris Hilton, Anitta, Kimberly Loiza, Hanna Stocking, Isabela Grutman, Nicole Garcia, and Isadora FIgueroa.