Lincoln brides ready for 2023 wedding season despite increase in prices

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The COVID-19 pandemic put nearly a full stop on the wedding industry in 2020, forcing couples to postpone ceremonies for almost two years.

Now, it looks like concern over the pandemic is now a thing of the past.

“I think we’re back to normal,” said Carol Pralle, assistant manager at Diane’s Dresses. “We really haven’t had anybody come in wearing masks, and we still give hugs and treat them like family. I think Covid is over.”

Embassy Suites in downtown Lincoln hosted a wedding show Sunday afternoon, giving hundreds of brides the opportunity to meet with vendors and make connections.

“I think it can really help take some stress off of your wedding planning because you can come to one place and see cakes, wedding hairstyling, bridesmaids dresses and catering,” Jaz Blobaum. She owns Butter/Scotch, a hair and color bar in Lincoln. “I think that just helps take a lot of stress off of brides and the families that are helping them plan.”

Even though COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be an issue, rising prices are. Everything from shipping to florals is costing more this year.

“I have had to raise my prices a little bit, just with inflation and everything, I think everyone has,” Blobaum said. “I haven’t had too much of an issue with it though, no one’s really been mad about it or anything like that. Everyone’s been really understanding.”

While price tags are going to be a bit higher this year, it’s still possible to have the perfect wedding (just with a little extra budgeting).

“Budgets are going to be a little bit higher,” said co-owner of JoSi Events, Jordan Kempkes. “If you had a budget plan of how much you wanted to spend on things, you’re gonna have to expect an increase, and there are still going to be supply chain issues.”

Wedding planners also said the earlier you start to plan your big day, the better off you’ll be.