Lisa Wilson Lashes Out At People Who Stole Her Purse During Wedding

As we’ve seen on numerous occasions, Zach Wilson’s mom, Lisa Wilson, loves to use her social media account to call people out. But on Monday, her call out may have been warranted.

Over the weekend, Lisa was attending her daughters wedding. When she got up off her seat to hit the dance floor, she claims her purse was stolen.

A pissed off Lisa Wilson took to her Instagram page (which she made private after some backlash earlier in the year) to call out the ‘dicks’ who took her purse during a wedding she made happen.

Mama Wilson upset that somebody stole her purse at the wedding.

— Bacon, Grits, Eggs (@reddawg77089) June 28, 2021

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Well, at least Zach Wilson’s mom looks liked she had one hell of a fun time partying it up at the wedding.

As for the purse…let’s just hope that it shows up soon.

If not, we may not have heard the end of it from, Lisa Wilson. Hopefully she didn’t have too much cash in her wallet before she hit the dance floor.

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