Lit Up With Love: Gabrielle’s Très Romantique Inspiration for a Parisian Wedding Affair

Paris – the City of Love and the city that has captured my heart. Long before I ever stepped foot on a quaint Parisian rue, I was fascinated by the allure of the city – its je ne sais quoi. My admiration for Paris was sparked when I was five years old and discovered that my name has French origins. Growing up, I remember watching one scene on repeat from The Devil Wears Prada – the sparkling montage of Paris at nighttime, set to U2’s “City of Blinding Lights.” I was mesmerized. My curious fascination turned into an enduring adoration when I began taking French classes and ultimately visited (and lived) in the city of my dreams. The culture, the architecture, the fashion, the cuisine, the feeling of simply strolling along the Seine or sipping a café on a terrasse – need I say amour? To me, the city represents all the things that fill life with beauty, wonderment, and purpose. It is the epitome of sheer romance, and I can’t imagine a more perfect destination for a wedding. So, from the archives of my Pinterest Boards, I have curated inspiration from how I dream of my future wedding day – a marriage of my signature feminine style and the city I adore most. I hope it fills you with joie de vivre and maybe even inspires you to take a trip to Paris to experience it for yourself!

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