Liz Reveals Big Ed Once Knocked Her to the Ground in a Wedding Scuffle

As if 90 Day Fiancé fans didn’t have enough reasons to dislike Big Ed Brown, the 55-year-old continues to add to his list of problematic behavior. Ed quickly established himself as the villain when he appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The way he treated his then-fianceé Rosemarie Vega didn’t sit well with fans. The couple eventually split, but now the 90 Day: The Single Life star is engaged to a new woman named Liz Woods. 

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Ed Brown and Liz Wood had broken up in the ‘90 Day: The Single Life’ tell-all

Audiences saw Ed awkwardly invite Liz out on their first date in 90 Day: The Single Life Season 1, but the couple has always seemed at odds with each other. While Ed may have cried during the season 1 tell-all, it was Liz’s explanation of how Ed immediately went to Las Vegas to party with other young women right after breaking up that showed his true colors.

Even before the tell-all, Liz took to social media to post her thoughts of her former fiancé. She called him a narcissist and went into detail about why she broke things off. That was in May 2021, but now the two are back together and officially engaged.

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Ed Brown knocked Liz Woods out of the way to catch the bridal bouquet at a wedding reception

Liz’s Instagram has several images of her and her daughter. Ed doesn’t appear on her profile all that often. Although, in the recent weeks since their engagement, fans have seen him pop up in her pictures more and more.

In one photo, the 29-year-old 90 Day: The Single Life star went into detail about a night out with Ed that ended in a broken bone. The couple was attending a wedding ceremony. For some reason, Ed was part of the group trying to catch the bride’s bouquet. When he went to grab the flowers, he accidentally knocked Liz to the ground as she was trying to catch the bouquet as well.

The mom of one wrote, “Why Ed was in the girls only crowd to catch the bouquet idk, but I caught the bouquet and he knocked me to the floor bumping into me trying to catch it himself. guess we were really next to walk down the aisle. My ankle was bruised for a week. Cheers to 1 year later @thisisbiged and no I did not break my ankle.”

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‘90 Day: The Single Life’ star Ed Brown spoke horribly to Liz before their engagement

Fans of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise are very vocal about how they don’t want Ed featured in any of the spinoffs. However, TLC doesn’t seem to get the message. Some viewers even went as far as to petition TLC to have him taken off the air. Now that Liz and Ed are officially engaged, audiences are shocked at the about-face she made regarding their relationship. 

Earlier this year, the audio of a phone call between the two was leaked and posted to social media. Fans got an even clearer picture of the dark side of Ed’s relationship with Liz. At that point, however, very few people were shocked. Whether the two will make it down the aisle remains to be seen, but that looks like the goal.