Lobster Roll Wedding Cake – Lobster Roll Cake From Myseafood

When it comes to wedding cakes, there’s certainly no shortage of lavish, bizarre, and super-creative options. But one wedding cake in particular aims to quite literally butter-up wedding guests this season. Myseafood, in partnership with the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, has just released their stunning Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake.

The savory “cake,” described as a “uniquely delicious WOW way to celebrate your special day!” features 24 Maine lobster rolls showcased on a three-tier cake stand made of white melamine wood. Keep in mind that some assembly is required to create this masterpiece.

“Much like wedding season, Maine Lobster is synonymous with summertime, and this year, we wanted to create something beautifully unique for lobster loving couples tying the knot,” said Christina Ferranti, director of marketing and product development for East Coast Seafood and Myseafood. “We are excited to share the first-ever Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake with the world and hope it’ll add something truly magical to this already-special occasion.”

The Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake will set you back a little over $800. If you are interested in ordering one, they request that you give them at least a five-week lead time for delivery.

If you have more of a traditional cake in mind for the big day, the Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake is also ideal for rehearsal dinners and wedding showers. And if you haven’t met the one just yet, not to worry. Myseafood sells plenty of other lobster roll cakes that are perfect for just about any special occasion (or, you know, if you simply want a lobster roll cake).

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