Local business man creates ‘one stop shop’ for weddings

KEYSER – Mineral County is getting a new wedding venue, thanks to local entrepreneur Luke Hoover.

Hoover already owns Luke’s Pourhouse and Barbecue Joint (formerly Hoover’s Bar & Grill) on U.S. Route 50 and is also reopening a local hot dog stand on Main Street in Keyser. He runs a food truck and a few other things as well, yet he is now expanding his business to offer a full service weekend wedding destination.

“I have it to seat 190 comfortably, and I also offer a beautiful scenic view of the mountain for outdoor weddings,” he says. “I have decor, chairs, tables, barrels, and archways. I have literally anything you could need for a country, rustic, outdoor, bohemian type of wedding.”

And the actual ceremony and reception aren’t the only aspects of a wedding that he has covered with his new business.

“I have a bridal suite available through my AirBnB, and guests can book it to stay on location for the weekend as well. We have made it to be very romantic and they have a koi pound there as well.”

Hoover said what makes them different from other venues is that they are a one-stop shop type of business.

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“We have the stage for bands to set up and play music, or a DJ if preferred,” he says. “It is also conveniently located right next to the bar and we offer alcohol packages.

“We have a complete commercial kitchen located at the venue, and we offer catering too.”

Luke says it is completely fine if the couple-to-be choose to have their blessed event catered from somewhere else. “That is why I have the commercial kitchen set up for them,” he says.

“I also a full wait staff for their special day, and I have linen, glass, and silverware available.”

 Yet one thing that truly sets Hoovers apart from others is that he rents for the whole weekend.

“I can’t imagine people wanting to set up a wedding and then host it, then have to immediately tear everything down and clean up the same day,” he says. “It takes aways from what is to be a magical time and one you want to cherish and it turns it into something frantic and hectic.  If you book with us you get it for three days, Friday through Sunday, and at no extra cost. You get to come in and arrange it how you want it to be, and sent up tables and stuff the day before the wedding if you choose, and then you enjoy your wedding day and worry about clean up the next day,” he said, adding, “There is no reason top rush your special day; nobody wants that.”

Hoover says that he also will set up and cater the rehearsal dinner for his wedding party.

“I literally will take care of everything they want done; we’re here to make their special day even more special and take the worry out of it for them,” he says.

Luke says that he understand that everyone will chose different color schemes for their wedding and he will help set them up with local florist Elon Paterson if they would like custom flowers or floral table centerpieces.

“We also have an amazing photographer that has a studio here as well that we recommend. Kelsey Bacon Photography does beautiful work,” he said.

“We literally have thought of everything for them and we will go above and beyond to maKe sure that their perfect day is absolutely perfect. We literally are an all-inclusive wedding venue, and we take this to a new level to make things more convent for our guests.”

Hoover says he decided to open this venue and add another business to his already busy work load because he felt it was important and much needed in the community.

“I see people trying to get married and the places are all booked up and the prices are astronomical for some of them, and I want people to have a beautiful, affordable option to them,” he says. “Everyone deserves a beautiful wedding, and I want to make that possible and at a price that everyone can afford and one I guarantee can’t be beat.

“In the end it’s about two people who love each other and want to start and build a life together, and that joining should be a wonderful experienced for everyone, and that is our job to make sure it is,” he said.