Local florist turned flower grower opens pop-up shop near Buckingham

Jessica and Lolly the dogJessica and Lolly the dog

A local flower grower is opening her farm near Buckingham for a pop-up shop in advance of British Flowers Week.

British Flowers Week, from June 14 to 20, is an annual campaign run by The New Covent Garden Flower Market to raise awareness of beautiful blooms in the UK.

During lockdown last year, Jessica Naish changed her wedding floristry business into a flower growing business. She now grows on half an acre of land at Wicken Park Farm, Wicken.

Jessica on the farm

Jessica, who used to own Jessica Rose florists shop on Winslow High Street, has since been studio based, providing wedding flowers for a variety of venues.

She said: “The flower farm came about after wanting to grow for so many years, and then Covid gave me the break from wedding work that I needed to get started, and start growing on a large scale.

“I still do wedding work, bouquets for collection or local delivery but everything is now seasonal and British grown.

“So many people are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of imported flowers that British-grown flower farms are on the rise.

Beautiful blooms

“I will never be able to compete with the Dutch markets, but hope to educate my customers on the benefits of buying British, supporting local businesses and having a product that is beautiful, local, scented and seasonal.

“Although in my first year, I have quite a lot coming in to flower and, with my floristry experience, will be making gorgeous bouquets.”

Based at Wicken Park Farm, Wicken Park Road, Jessica’s business has the unusual name Lolly & The Hare.

Jessica explained: “Lolly is my dog and she chases the hare around the farm whenever she sees it. She will never catch it but tries her hardest!”

Sweet peas

Jessica’s pop-up shop is open from June 10 to 12, from 10am to 1pm each day.

She said: “It’s before British Flowers Week – but the blooms are ready now!”

Following this, Jessica plans to do another pop-up event once a month, with details on her social media pages.

Bouquets and flowers can be ordered any time for delivery or collection.

For details, see www.lollyandthehare.co.uk